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5 New Mom Essentials

5 New Mom Essentials

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Right before my babies were born I always spent a lot of time gathering and planning out every outfit and essential supply for each child. This time around I made sure to include the essentials that I needed for myself as a new mom. I am sharing some of those essentials today!

Picture of new mom essential items from left to right: Playtex bras, Mustela, Vichy, and Lactation Coffee pods.

It’s important to me to have items after birth that will help me have a successful breastfeeding experience. Most of these are geared to breastfeeding moms, but some of these apply to every mom!

Picture holding Mustela Nursing Balm

Mustela’s Nursing Comfort Balm is a must have item that is great to use while breastfeeding. I like to have a tube in the diaper bag and one by my bedside as well! Some women may have an easy time breastfeeding from the get go, but I’ve always struggled in the beginning (even with nursing six kids!).

Mustela’s Nursing Comfort Balm is lanolin free and it really works to ease discomfort restore my skin. I also like that it is made with 100% naturally-derived ingredients and safe for breastfeeding. A great nipple cream can really make a difference when breastfeeding and has helps me push through those early weeks when breastfeeding tends to hurt the most.

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Holding Playtex bra with snap closure.

Another product that I am pretty picky about while nursing is my nursing bra! I love Playtex Nursing Bras. They are comfortable but also sturdy enough for everyday use. Playtex Nursing Bras are designed with comfort and support from pregnancy through nursing and beyond! The fabric is so soft and the fit is perfect.

I’m really loving the dual cup sizing on the Playtex Shaping Foam Underwire which is made to flex as your size changes. I’ve also noticed the difference with the TruSupport® 4-way Support system which has comfortable straps, deeper cups, higher sides, and a wider back. This bra has been the easiest bra to snap back after a nursing session and I’ve even been able to do it one handed! QuickStrap® clips are designed to make nursing easy anytime, anywhere.

Showing how the Playtex nursing sports bra pulls open.

I also love the Playtex Cross Over Sleep Bra for the nighttime. One thing I was not expecting when I had my first baby was the night sweats after birth! This is why having a comfortable and cool nighttime bra is worth it. The Playtex Cross Over Sleep Bra has a Criss-Cross Opening, flexes to fit as your size changes and the Cool Comfort® fabric helps to keep you cool! This is a great item to have for the hospital bag too because they make the perfect bra for those early recovery days.

Lactation coffee made with milk.

Supposedly there are “unicorn” super lactating women out there with milk to feed their own baby and several others. If this is you then you may not need a breastfeeding supplement, but this is not me! I’ve always struggled to keep my supply up in the early days and some days even after breastfeeding has been established. These Milkflow Lactation Coffee Pods are great for coffee lovers like myself.

The Milkflow pods contain the herbs Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle (two
known galactagogues) to help naturally promote breast milk supply. I don’t particularly like the taste of Fenugreek in tea, but I was pleased that the taste didn’t stand out in the coffee. These will be my go-to when I feel like my supply has taken a dip!

Holding capsule of Vichy Liftactive.

The demands of having a baby really wreck havoc on the whole body and this includes the skin. I regularly use a Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid on my face and I’m really impressed by the Vichy LiftActiv Peptide-C Ampoule Serum which has both.

I’ve only been using it for around a week, but from the first use my skin felt firmer and more hydrated. I’m excited to see how much my skin improves with the Vichy LiftActiv Serum!

Picture of adopted baby for The Heart of an Orphan.

I believe that every child counts and is worthy of love and a better life. I know most of you do too and so I want to talk a little bit about Love Without Boundaries . Love Without Boundaries is a charity with “Every Child Counts” as the core belief. It’s an authentic international charity with the mission to provide healing, education and refuge to vulnerable children worldwide.

Picture of tiny baby hand in an adult hand.

If you are looking for a great book to read then look no further than “The Heart of an Orphan”. Download The Heart of an Orphan, by Amy Eldridge, for free on
January 27, 2020 and learn more about LWB’s story of love, hope and healing.

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