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10 Amazing Uses for Baby Shampoo

Did you know that there are several other uses for Baby Shampoo and/ or Baby Wash other than bathing a baby?  

Baby Shampoo is so gentle and effective that it has many household uses beyond washing babies.

I am including my 10 favorite uses here:

1.  Make a Foaming Hand Soap– Baby soap makes a great option for hand soap if you want a gentle foaming hand soap. It’s also a great money saver. Fill a new or used clean foaming hand soap container with water and two caps of baby shampoo or baby wash.  Secure the pump and gently turn bottle on the side until the soap is combined.  Make sure not to shake it up or there will be too many bubbles inside.

2.  Use baby shampoo to take off bandages-  Ripping off a bandage with dry skin can really sting! Alternatively, take a small amount on a cotton ball and rub it on the bandage while pulling it off of the skin. This really lessens the stickiness of the bandaid to allow for a gentler removal.

3.  Clean your makeup brushes –  The gentle formula of Baby Wash is perfect for not only your baby’s sensitive skin, but also the delicate bristles of a makeup brush!  Wash them once a week by mixing water and a cap of baby shampoo in a glass.  Swish the brush around until the make up is removed.  Rinse and dry before using.

4.  Makeup Remover for Face –  Not only does it remove makeup from a makeup brush, but it also effectively removes makeup from your face!   Just wash your face with a tsp. or so of the Baby Shampoo like you normally wash your face.   You can use a regular washcloth or a round cotton disk with the baby shampoo and a little water to remove any stubborn makeup around the eyes.

5.  Clean and condition leather shoes –  This only works on real leather, but baby shampoo can make them shine like new!  Just dab a bit on and rub it in until they are clean and conditioned. The natural oils in the baby shampoo help to keep them looking great.

Homemade window cleaner, made with baby shampoo and water.

6. Homemade Glass Cleaner – Fill up a water bottle with water and add in a Tablespoon of baby shampoo. That’s all you need to make an effective streak free glass cleaner.

Woman removing stain from striped shirt with a cup of baby shampoo and water solution on a white background.

7. Stain Buster for Clothes: Stubborn stains on clothes? Apply a drop of baby shampoo directly to the stain, rub gently, and then wash as usual. Its gentle yet effective formula can help lift stains from grease, food, or even makeup.

Woman hands cleaning golden jewelry at home with baby shampoo.

8. Gentle Jewelry Cleanser: Baby shampoo’s mild formula makes it perfect for cleaning delicate jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, and earrings. Mix a small amount with water, use a soft brush to gently scrub, and rinse. Your jewelry will sparkle without any harsh chemicals.

Playing, garden and children blowing bubbles for entertainment, weekend and fun activity together. Bubbles with baby shampoo.

9. Super Bubbles for Bubbles: Do your kids love to blow bubbles for playtime? Add a bit of baby shampoo to your bubble solution or make your own solution with baby shampoo. This makes the best bubbles ever and sure beats buying new bottles every time the kids use them up (or in my kids’ case spill).

10. Pet Shampoo Alternative: You can bathe your dogs and cats in baby shampoo. (Always check with your vet first) For a gentle pet bath, especially for small animals, dilute baby shampoo with water. It’s perfect for a quick cleanup between pet baths, leaving their fur soft and clean.

Isn’t it awesome that you can use baby shampoo for so many things? Which of the 10 amazing uses for baby shampoo have you tried or would like to try with it?

10 uses for baby shampoo. Baby Shampoo is so gentle and effective that it has many household uses beyond washing babies. #babyshampoo #cleaning #hacks

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.