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Mint Filled Ornaments * Simple Holiday Gift Idea

Making it through this year is as good a reason as any spread a little Holiday cheer! Right now I’m making small gifts like these Mint Filled Ornaments to give to delivery drivers, mail persons and friends for the holidays. I am planning to make plenty to go around because I know we all need a little pick me up after such a rough year.

These Mint Filled Ornaments are a simple holiday gift idea you can give to everyone!

These Mint Filled Ornaments are a simple holiday gift idea you can give to everyone!

These turned out so cute and were super easy to make. First you’ll need to find the ornament containers to fill up with the mints. I found plenty of options on Amazon. They have small fillable ornaments like the ones I am using and other styles as well. I suggest using smaller ornaments if you want to stick these on the tree or as a stocking stuffer.

Ornament containing Tic Tacs hanging on the tree.

Personally I like the 50ml ornaments that have the screw on lids because you don’t have to worry that the lid will fall off. The 50ml size is also small enough to keep inside a purse and they don’t get too heavy for the tree when filled. I also found out that it’s the perfect size for a small container of Tic Tacs. The larger sized Tic Tac containers will fill around two of these ornaments.

Red Hot Filled Ornament on a Christmas Tree. These Mint Filled Ornaments are a simple holiday gift idea you can give to everyone!

Once you have the ornaments then decide what kind of mints you want to fill them up with. I filled up my little ornaments with Tic Tacs and Red Hots. Feel free to use any tiny candies for your own ornaments. Yes, I realize not all tiny candies are mints, but it’s a mint to me if it fits in a TicTac container.

Random thought here, are you old enough to remember Lifesaver holes? They were the best little candies in the world and I miss them so much. LOL If they still existed then I would be using them in these for sure! Use whatever candies or mints you want in these as long as they fit through the opening of course.
Supplies needed for making ornaments.

This craft does not take very long to make and your kids can help with a lot of the steps. My girls are already excited to make some of their own to give away to their friends and teachers. It would also be really cute to make these ornaments into “sets” of mint assortments! Just box up 3-5 mint filled ornaments together and wrap them as a gift set.

Mint filled ornaments also make the perfect stocking stuffers.

Another way we like to use ornament gifts is by placing them on the tree and using them as actual ornaments (then we eat them later on)!

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Tic Tacs in a clear ornament with tag.

I think everyone will be happy to get one of these this Christmas. Even men will love the mints inside and kids will most likely beg for more! My kids are already asking if they will be getting one in their stockings. One benefit I didn’t think of prior to the pandemic is that eating mints make wearing a mask a little more bearable! LOL

These Mint Filled Ornaments are a simple holiday gift idea you can give to everyone! They also make the perfect stocking stuffers or party favors.

I am so glad that we are at the end of this seemingly never ending 2020. Despite all the hardships of this year, I know that there are always reasons to hope. My hope is in Christ and that’s why I want to make Christmas a special time for my family to reflect on how He has brought us through this trial. I pray these little ornaments help to spread some joy to those around me.

I also have included some FREE printable gift tags that are super cute for gift giving.  Just sign up below and confirm your subscription to access the tags. Make sure to look in your spam folder if you don’t recieve the email right away.

Yield: 6

Mint Filled Ornaments

Mint Filled Ornaments

Mint Filled Ornaments are a simple holiday gift idea you can give to everyone!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 6 Fillable Ornaments (50ml size)* see notes for links, clear (can use other sizes, but these work best with 50ml
  • 1 roll Christmas or Holiday ribbon around 1/4 inch size or smaller
  • 1 roll thin craft wire
  • 1 printable gift tags (see link in post for info)
  • 6 packs Tic Tacs or similar mints, 1 small container (1 oz.) of Tic Tacs is enough to fill one ornament


  • wire cutters
  • wire bending pliers
  • scissors
  • small plastic funnel


  1. Open the ornaments and use the plastic funnel to fill each one with mint or candies.
  2. Screw the lids back on the ornaments.
  3. Add a piece of ribbon on each one to make a loop for holding or hanging the ornaments.
  4. Cut out the gift tags and secure them to the ornaments with wire. You'll need to puncture the printable gift tags through the hole marking with the wire because a hole punch is too large for these. Now your ornaments are ready to give away!

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Joy Alsip

Friday 19th of August 2022

You Rock! Who would’ve ever thought something so simple. Could be so personable. And from the heart. In this day n age. Taking time out of busy schedules. Just isn’t heard of now days.


Friday 22nd of October 2021

Wow, such an amazing gift idea. I loved it. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing gift idea.

Dustin Anderson

Saturday 3rd of April 2021

Excellent ideas. However, is this possible to share a video? Like I'm searching for a video tutorial except for this post.

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