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Barbie Movie Cake with FREE Printable Decorations

This whimsical Barbie Movie Cake is perfect for a Barbie party or any fun girly get together.

Have you seen the new Barbie Movie? It’s such a fun movie that really delivers the essence and nostalgia of Barbie. It made me think of all the sweet memories I’ve had playing with my own Barbie dolls growing up. I loved the bright fun colors and the style of Barbieland from the movie and wanted to recreate it in cake form!

Create your own Barbie Movie Cake! This whimsical cake is be perfect for a Barbie party or any fun girly get together.

Let’s make a Barbie Movie Cake! All the little details are from the movie including the gingham, flowers and shells like she wears in the movie. Also included are fun palm trees, mountains and a rainbow from the Barbieland scenery! I have made several free printables for this cake to make it easy to decorate. You can find the Barbie cake printables at the bottom of this post.

Any little or big girl that loves Barbie will love to have a Barbie Movie Cake!

I secretly wish that I had thought about this cake for my own birthday. I love that the heart shaped glasses can also be used as a party favor as well. These heart shaped glasses make the perfect Barbie Party favors!

Other party food/ drink suggestions to go with this cake are pink slush punch and mini pink parfaits! Really anything that is pink goes well with a Barbie party. All the instructions are included below, but I wanted to point out that the cake can be just as cute if made without the mountains, rainbow and palm trees. They are not hard to make, but if you are pressed for time an all pink cake would be just as cute!


There are several sheets of free printable sheets that you can use for this cake. If you use my designs please give credit back to this blog and please do not share the original files on your own website… all links must point back to this post. Thanks!

This link will take you directly to the folder with all the free Barbie Movie Cake Printables. Print these out first and cut them out as well. You can also have this sheet printed as a photo at places like Walmart with photo prints. It is an 8×10 size. I cannot guarantee the color printed will be exactly the same as the color on your screen.

Barbie Movie Cake! This fun cake is be perfect for a Barbie party or any fun girly get together.

Happy Creating!

Yield: 1 Cake with 15 servings

Barbie Movie Cake Tutorial

Create your own Barbie Movie Cake! This whimsical cake is be perfect for a Barbie party or any fun girly get together.

This is a tutorial to create your own Barbie Movie Cake! This whimsical cake is be perfect for a Barbie party or any fun girly get together.

Prep Time 2 hours
Active Time 3 hours
Total Time 5 hours
Difficulty intermediate
Estimated Cost $$


  • Additional tools and supplies needed:
  • Parchment paper
  • Scissors
  • Icing supplies for icing the cake
  • Piping bag
  • size 2D Closed Star Piping Tip
  • Cake stand
  • Craft Glue Stick
  • Thin floral wire
  • Pencil or colored pencil
  • Sticky Plastic wrap like Glad press n seal
  • White printer paper
  • Food colors in yellow and pink (for the rainbow)
  • 2 paper straws


    I suggest making this cake over two different days so that you can break up the time. On day one make all the decorations that will be used on the cake like the trees, the rainbow, mountains, shells, flowers and print out all the decorations. I used several different colored candy melts to make the "mountains", flowers and the shells.

    I got the melts from Hobby Lobby but they can be any kind. I used light blue, yellow and purple for the Mountains. The mountains needed more color so I used Wilton Royal Blue which I mixed with the light blue melts and Wilton Copper which I mixed with the yellow. The purple candy melts from Hobby Lobby were the perfect color for the mountains and I didn't add any additional coloring to that.

    1. To assemble mountains: Have parchment paper ready for the wax melts placed on a flat surface. Melt the blue candy melts first according to the package directions and color them to the desired color of blue (I only used a pea sized amount). This will be the base of the mountains. Use a spoon to dollop the blue candy melts on the parchment. Use a knife to make it into a mountain shape (you can carefully cut the tops later on so don't worry too much if they are more rounded). I made the mountains into a "range" by making peaks in a row. Each mountain peak should be around 5-6 inches high and the whole range should be around 12 inches wide. You will break this apart to fit on the cake later. Let this blue layer cool and harden a little before adding the next color.
    2. Melt the purple candy melts next. This will be added on top of the blue color. Don't completely cover the blue but let a little of the blue stick out of the edges. Let this layer harden before adding the next layer.
    3. Next is the orange color which I used yellow candy melts mixed with Wilton copper color gel (you can use a bright orange as well). This is added on top of the purple color but only as a highlight. I used a knife to spread the orange color in "patches" around the left edge of each mountain.
    4. Let the mountains cool and harden completely before the next step. The next step is to take a smooth edge knife and scrape across the face of the "mountains" to make it less smooth and more rugged. At this point also use the knife to cut the mountain tops to make straighter peaks. Set the completed mountains aside in a cool dry place or place them carefully in a plastic bag and in a cool place.
    5. Once you have the mountains completed it's time to make the Palm Trees. For this you will need 3 sheets of green construction paper and 2 sheets of brown constrction paper. Paint the green construction paper with monochrome green paints to make the palm tree leaves. Paint both sides of the paper and let them dry completely.
    6. Now make a leaf shape with a pencil on the painted paper. Each leaf should be around 2-3 inches long and 1/2 to an 1 inch wide. Use your scissors to make tiny slits in the edges of the leaves to make them look like palm leaves. Be careful not to cut them too far into the middle but just on the outside. Make at least 7-9 leaves per palm tree.
    7. Next add a 3 inch strand of thin craft wire to the inside of the leaves and tape it on lengthwise. Set all the finished leaves aside and move on to making the trunk.
    8. For the tree trunk use brown construction paper painted with varied sizes of rugged lines in orange, brown and tan- paint side to side widthwise. The brown paint will be the base color with strips of orange and tan as an accent color. You'll only need to paint one side of the paper for this. Let the paint dry completely.
    9. Next take the paper and tear it across widthwise the same way you painted the paper in long thin strips. Tearing it instead of cutting will leave an edge of the construction paper that can be seen which will make the trees look more realistic. Use a glue stick to paint on the back side of each strip and wrap each strip around a paper straw until you have covered the whole straw. Make two of these.
    10. Once the trunks have dried from the glue, place the wire ends from the leaves into the top of the straw. Place the leaves where you want them and shape them to the desired shape. Now place a small amount of plastic wrap on the bottom of the trunks before placing these in the cakes (so that the trees don't mix with the cake).
    11. Next step is to make the flowers. Use the template I've provided and print it out. Place this template under a sheet of sticky plastic wrap (Glad press n seal). Use the template to trace your flowers using the melted almond bark in a piping bag. Make all of the flowers so that you have enough to go around the cake. While the flowers are still melted place a pink candy pearl in the middle of each one. Let these harden completely before putting them on the cake.
    12. Next make the pink seashells with the plastic candy seashell mold. Just melt 2 pieces of the almond bark and add the neon pink food color to desired color. Place the melted bark in the molds but you only need to fill them a little more than halfway. Shake the mold a little once the almond bark is added to release any bubbles. Let these harden completely in the mold and then push them out to release. Set aside until you are ready to add them to the cake.

    The next day::::

  1. Carefully cut to size and place the printed pink gingham icing sheets (I used 3 sheets) and place them around the light pink iced cake. Save a little light pink icing for the rest of the decorations (around 1/2 cup).
  2. Once the sheets are on and secure you can add darker shade of hot pink colored icing using a closed star tip and a piping bag. Size 2D if using Wilton. Make a shell type piping technique or whatever your favorite decorating edge is.
  3. Now the fun part! Add the candy mountains towards the back of the cake. Make sure to leave enough room towards the front for the trees and heart glasses. Place the mountains firmly into the cake but try not to break them apart unless you need to cut them down to size. If the mountains don't stand very well you can add a mound of icing on the backside of the mountains and stick the mountains around 1/2 inch into the cake.
  4. Add the "let's party" or other saying by cutting it out and adding a piece of wire to the backside that is long enough to stand it up in the cake and over the edge of candy mountains.
  5. Add the rainbow next by placing a bit of icing to the outside edges and securing it to the mountains from the backside.
  6. Add the trees next on each edge of the cake right in front of the mountains.
  7. Add the glasses with a cut out "Barbie" printable taped on the edge if desired. The glasses should be in front of everything now.
  8. Place the shells and flowers on next. I placed 6 shells in all in groups of three one group on the bottom right of the cake and the other on the top left of the cake in front of one of the trees.
  9. For added pizzaz you can place the cake in front of a window or in front of a lamp to make the rainbow look like it is glowing. I used a small bendable desk lamp for this purpose.
  10. Now the cake is finished and you can add any table decorations you want around the cake. I love how the Barbie Movie doll looked sitting next to the cake!


To make this cake simpler but still very cute... you can skip making the mountains, trees and the rainbow and just have the glasses, shells and flowers on the cake. You can add the gingham or not as well. It will still be a fun cake which has a lot of character!

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