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Yoplait Mix-Ins

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.  

This time of year is usually pretty busy for us moms.  We are busy getting school supplies, carting our kids to practices and getting back into a schedule with our little ones.  We are also trying to soak up the very last bit of summer before it passes us by.  One way that I find a sense of normalcy is to figure out quick and easy snacks that we can grab and go anytime.

One easy snack idea that I love to take anywhere is Yoplait Mix-Ins.  They are so easy to grab and go for a tasty pick-me-up snack.  The crunchy mix-ins are packaged with the creamy yogurt to make it easy to grab and go.

It’s super easy to lift the lid for the Yoplait Mix-Ins and mix in the crunchy granola into the yogurt.  I don’t need separate containers for my yogurt and the mix-ins, so it makes it so much easier to transport.  It also gives me a lot more room in my caddy for other items.  I first tried the Very Berry Crisp Yoplait Mix-Ins flavor which I found at Walmart.   I like to bring my Yoplait Mix-Ins with me whenever I will be out for more than a couple of hours.  It fills me up and is easy to eat anywhere.

The Very Berry Crunch Yoplait Mix-Ins flavor has a nice tartness and the granola is a nice sweet and crunchy contrast.  I really look forward to enjoying my Yoplait Mix-Ins as a snack anytime I want a sweet, creamy, and crunchy treat.

There are so many yummy flavors to try so I could have a different kind most days of the week!  The Mint Chocolate Delight Yoplait Mix-Ins and the Coconut Chocolate Crunch Yoplait Mix-Ins are both just as yummy as the Very Berry Crunch Yoplait Mix-Ins.  I can’t wait to try them all.

Make sure to check out the Yoplait Mix-Ins and pick them up at Walmart on your next shopping trip.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.