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Tuesday Tutorial… Hair Accessory Holder/ Organizer

I needed a way to organize the plethora of hair flowers, hair bands and head bands that my girls have… so after much looking around I came up with my own plan.  I have seen the headband organizers made out of empty oatmeal containers and I decided to make my own twist on the idea by adding the bouquet to it!  Here is what you will need…

1 large oatmeal container (cleaned out)
a bouquet of artificial flowers (you will remove the flowers and leaves and just leave the stems)
Scrapbook paper
glue or double sided tape

First take the oatmeal container and cover it with the scrapbook paper by either gluing it or taping using the double sided tape (my preferred method).  You will have to cut it down a bit, but this should be an easy step.
The inside of the container can be used for all the hair bands and really anything that you want to fill it with.
The next step is to take your bouquet of stems and clip the flower hair bows to it.  If you don’t have a lot of flower hair bows then go ahead and leave some of the artificial flowers that were already on the bouquet to help fill it out a bit.
Next step just put the bouquet into the container and start putting the headbands around the base of the container.  After this… you are finished!  Organized and beautiful!

Happy Creating!!!

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Saturday 29th of May 2010

I found so many hair accessories organizer on the net. But this one looks more fantastic and really multifunctional! Thanks for sharing this great idea. I really love it! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.