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Interchangeable Applique Dress

Interchangeable Applique Dress

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Interchangeable Applique Dress.  Dress Appliques come off and you can replace for different seasonal appliques!
I am so excited about this dress!!!   I just love all the cute boutique dresses that are out there right now… BUT at $20.00- $40.00/ dress I just can’t afford to buy one for every season or every reason…LOL…  So I came up with this dress that can be changed to fit any occasion!  The applique and ribbon belt can be easily taken off and a new one put on…  It’s a dress for every holiday/ occasion that you can think of!  Here is how it is made
(This can easily be adapted to a shirt instead of dress… just omit the tutu and ribbon belt and go straight to the appliques)
Interchangeable Applique Dress.  Dress Appliques come off and you can replace for different seasonal appliques!
 Interchangeable Applique Dress!!! (or shirt)

 What you will need:
For the dress or shirt: 
Blank Onesie or Shirt in a neutral color like (White/ Black or Brown)
2 yards Tulle in the same color as shirt or onesie (unless you are just making a shirt)
thread in same color
old T-shirt in the same neutral color (you will cut it up!)
sewing machine
sew-able velcro or hook and loop (about 2-3 inches in size)
one sided fusible web (about 5X5 inches)

For the Turkey Applique: 
spools of Ribbon 7/8 inch in 4-5 different colors (found mine at Hobby Lobby)
brown fabric (10X10 inches)
one sided fusible web (10X10 inches)
Sewable Velcro or hook and Loop
thread to match the brown fabric
2 orange star jewels
1 orange square jewel
2 small clear jewels
small skinny ribbon in red (or matching color)

For the Christmas Tree Applique:
Bright Green Fabric (8X8 inches)
White Fleece (8X8 inches)
Sewable Velcro or hook and loop
thread to match the bright green
red round jewels
red ribbon for the bow
dotted ribbon for the belt (mine is 1 1/2 inches wide) found at Hobby Lobby
one sided fusible web (20X20 inches)

 How to make the tutu dress….
 Start first with the tutu part…
Measure the waist of your child and take that measurement, divide by 2 and add 1 inch… So if your child’s waist is 20 inches… You will take 10 inches and add one to make 11 inches.  This will be the width of the fabric that you will cut for the skirt.  Now also measure length that you want the skirt to be from the waist to the knee.  You will add 1/4 inch to this measurement.
 Lay the shirt out.  From the bottom of the T-shirt measure up for the length like shown and mark a small dot (with something washable)… then measure out the width from the top of  that dot.  From there draw a gradual a-line from each end to make a skirt shape and cut out (you will cut both from and back of the T-shirt.)
(Since we are using a T-shirt there is no reason to sew the bottom of the skirt- we will just keep the same seam from the shirt!)
 Once the 2 pieces are cut lay them on top of each other with the outsides facing in.  Sew up both sides with a simple stitch.   Turn the skirt right side out.
Now for the Tulle Tutu… There are 3 rows of gathered tulle for this skirt.   Each row will be a little bigger than 1/3 of the length of your skirt.  So if your skirt is 10 inches cut each row 3 1/2 inches long.  the width of each tier will be twice as wide as the whole skirt… So measure out the largest circumference of the skirt and multiply by 2… So if your skirt is 20 inches around cut the Tulle 40 inches wide.  Also be sure to cut out 2 layers of Tulle per tier.  Sew the 2 layers together using a gathering stitch about 1/4 inch from the top and gather.  You should have 3 gathered tiers or rows after this step.
I found it easiest to start sewing the bottom row on first.  Measure up a couple of inches from the bottom and sew the row onto the skirt with a zig- zig stitch to allow for a stretch.  Then sew on the other rows above that one… The last row should be placed 1/2 inch below the top of the skirt.
 At this point if you are using a onesie you will need to cut it straight across at the very bottom to make it more of a shirt (cut out only the portion that is used to cover the diaper.)  Once you are finished sewing the tulle rows turn both the shirt or onesie that has been cut inside out and pin both together at the seam.
In order to sew them together you will now put the shirt down into the skirt like the picture…   Sew together with a zig zag stitch.
Now time for the belt loops…
 Cut out belt loops from the t-shirt scraps.  Make them twice as long as the widest ribbon you plan on using.
 Sew each belt loop onto the sides of the dress.  (I hand sewed them on.)  Not sure how to explain this, but the loop ends should be touching each other when you sew them on to make a complete circle.
 Last step for the dress now… Sew the velcro or hook and loop onto the middle where you want your applique to go… Make it as big as you like keeping in mind that when the appliques go on you do not want to see velcro sticking out from behind it, but keeping it big enough to get a good stick for the applique.  I also applied some fusible web to the inside of the dress before sewing on the velcro.
 For the turkey applique and belt…  
 Iron on the one sided fusible web lining onto a brown piece of fabric.
Cut out two turkey bodies from this fabric the exact same size.
On one of the pieces sew on the velcro.
 Use the one with the velcro to sew your ribbon onto… sew it to the side with the brown fabric.  Cut out  5-6 inch strips of ribbon from the colors you have picked out.  I used 9 pieces… you can use more or less to your taste.
 play around with the layout of your ribbons… Then once you know how you want them to line up sew them on one by one.  (I have found this is the easiest way!)
 Once all the ribbons are secured to the piece with velcro… sew the other piece brown side facing up on top of the ribbons.  Be sure to line up that piece exactly to the piece below it.  Make sure to keep your stitches close to the edge… like your tracing around the turkey’s body because these stitches will be seen!
 Now glue on all the jewels and bows.
 Now time for the belt… Measure around your child’s waist where the belt will go and add 1 1/2 inches to that measurement.  Cut your ribbon that length.
Sew on a piece of velcro to each end like so…  Then sew a bow to the top of the one that faces up.
Now you have a turkey dress!!!
Interchangeable Applique Dress.  Dress Appliques come off and you can replace for different seasonal appliques!
For the Christmas Tree Applique… 

First iron on some fusible web to both the fleece and the green fabric.  Cut out a piece of paper into a triangle the size of the tree that you want.   Take that triangle and cut scallops out of the bottom, the middle and top like the pic below… (the paper is your pattern and you will transfer that to the fabric with fusible weband cut out.)

 Cut out your fleece in a triangle the size of the tree.  You will not scallop this except for the bottom once it is sewed on.  Sew the velcro onto the back of the fleece.
Sew the green fabric pieces onto the white fleece staying close to the edge of the green fabric (velcro part facing the back).  Make sure to sew an outline of the green pieces with matching green thread because the thread will be seen.  The belt will be fasted the same way as one we did for the turkey…
Now you are finished with the Christmas Tree!!!!
Interchangeable Applique Dress.  Dress Appliques come off and you can replace for different seasonal appliques!
I love it!!! It looks so cute, and you would never know that next month it will be something different!!!  Really any applique could be used for this… So easy and it can be fit to your own personal style!!!   I am already thinking of New years, Valentines, Birthday and so on… So FUN!!!

Happy Creating! Interchangeable Applique Dress.  Dress Appliques come off and you can replace for different seasonal appliques!
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Friday 22nd of November 2013

Thank you for sharing this very cute idea! We had seen a turkey shirt at Cracker Barrel. I said to my husband that the idea was cute, but ONE season? Seeing how you put your daughter's dress together inspired me to make one for my granddaughter. Thank you. Her mother was so excited in your project, she asked me to make other appliques, too. NOW....I've decided those darling appliques can be turned into a "Quiet book". Again....thank you for sharing this!


Wednesday 19th of September 2012

I found your blog via Pinterest, and I must say this is one of THE best ideas I've seen!! I have two daughters (3 yrs & 10 mos) and I cannot wait to make their dresses :) thanks so much for the clear instructions as well :)


Wednesday 19th of September 2012

Thanks, Brianna! It's really easy... this year I think that I am just going to to a shirt for my girls to switch up every month using the same appliques I used last year. Hope it turns out well for you!

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Monday 27th of February 2012

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Wednesday 9th of November 2011

Oh to be this talented! Both the turkey and Christmas tree look adorable. The baby just looks so cute!


Monday 7th of November 2011

Very cute! I love the Christmas tree too, looks adorable!

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