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No Sew Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

No Sew Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

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Time was not on our side last night as I scrambled around to find cute costumes for my little girls.  I had already decided that we would be using (or re-using) the pettiskirts that they got for their birthdays.  If you have little girls… chances are that you have a pettiskirt or tutu (or two) lying around.  If not then there are tons of tutorials on how to make one on the web!  Here is one that I particularly like here I have not tried it this way before, but I think it’s a great idea!

Once you obtain a  tutu or a pettiskirt you are well on your way to some cute Halloween costumes!   I let the girls pick out what they wanted to be based on the color of their skirts.  They really turned out great!  Best of all… this whole project was no sew!  Although there are 3 suggestions here- the basic skirt plus boa could work for many animals/ birds ect… just use your imagination! Easy!

What you will need:
Glue gun
Safety Pins (you will use a lot) about 30 per outfit

For the Peacock:
Blue Tutu or Pettiskirt
Blue Boa (the one I used is from Hobby Lobby and is muti-shades of blue)
black or Brown tights and leotard or tight fitting shirt
2 Blue Glitter Floral Picks (found in the Christmas Floral)
Blue Glitter Peacock (found in the Christmas section)
Blue Glitter Paper (In scrapbooking section)
Black or brown Felt
Black or brown elastic braid (In sewing section)
Jewels for Mask
Small blue feathers for Mask

For the Cool Chick:
Yellow Tutu or Pettiskirt
Yellow Feather Boa (The kind with the full sized Feathers works best)
Yellow Sun glasses
2 sheets Orange Felt
Orange Tights
Yellow Tight Fitting Shirt, Onesie or Leotard

For the Bunny:
Pink or White Tutu/ Pettiskirt
Pink or White Tight fitting shirt (onesie or leotard)
Pink or White Tights
White Boa (the kind that looks more like fur)
White Yarn for tail
Bunny ears (found at most places near Halloween  like Target/ Walmart ect.)

Depending on What you are making… scroll down for the details!

 For the Peacock Tail:
 Take 2 of the glitter picks and cut of the ends with wire cutters (although they are made with plastic).  Tape the Two Together and Spread the Loops out like a fan.  Take two squares of Felt and sandwich the combined loops in-between the felt.  Hot glue the felt and Loops together.  Next take your elastic braid and safety pin 2 loops of it to fit around your childs shoulders (I used about a 10 inch loop).
For the Peacock Tutu:
Take your Boa and tutu or Pettiskirt and safety pin the boa all around the skirt about 2 inches above the bottom.
For the Mask:
Draw out a basic mask on the back of your glitter paper (found here) (you will want to measure the width of your childs face to make sure it fits).  Cut out holes for the elasic to fit around the head.  Hot glue some jewels and feathers for glam!  Cut a small triangle of black or brown felt for the beak and hot glue it on.
For the Peacock Hair Peice:
I used the Christmas Decoration I found at Hobby Lobby for this, or you could use a Peacock Feather and clip it on!
For the Cool Chick Beak and Glasses:
Take yellow (or really any color) kid sunglasses and tape or hot glue a triangle cut out of orange felt where the nose is.
For the Hair Peice:
Cut about 4 inches from the Feather Boa and glue that to a hair clip.
For the Feathers on the Shirt:
Safety pin about 4 inches worth of the Feather Boa on top of the shirt.
For the Tutu:
Safety Pin the Yellow Feather Boa all the way around the skirt. It may be easy to lay the skirt (waist up) and then lay the boa around it where you want it to be then start pinning.
For the feet:
Measure your child’s foot first or use a shoe for a template. Make the foot out of the orange felt a little longer than your childs foot. Make 3 triangles for the toes at the end and cut out a circle jsut big enough to fit around the ankle of your child. Safety pin the feet onto the tights.
For the Bunny Tutu:
Safety Pin the Boa all the way around the skirt.  It may be easy to lay the skirt (waist up)  and then lay the boa around it where you want it to be then start pinning.
For the Ears:
If your ears are a headband like most are and you are using this for a baby that won’t keep a headband on… you can cut the headband out and cut until you just have the ears… Then  Glue a couple of hair clips to the sides pointing towards the back of the head.  This will be easier to keep on without having to put it on and off all night!   The ears will be floppy this way, but I think it’s pretty cute with the floppyness!
I think this tutorial took longer than it took to make these outfits.. LOL!   You are sure to get compliments all night on these adorable and easy costume ideas!  Have a fun and safe Halloween!!!
Happy Creating!

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