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Getting through the Terrible Twos and “Threenagers”


I have two of the most adorable little boys!  Just look at those sweet faces!  As sweet as these two are… I do have to deal with toddler tantrums regularly!  My three year old (often referred to as a threenager) got upset because we wouldn’t let him eat the moldy bread.  My almost two year old never understands why he can’t play with the glass globe.  The list could go on and on with these two.

Does your toddler ever throw tantrums?  How about everyday, right?  With two toddler aged boys our days can be challenging at times.

I recently discovered that Boys Town offers Parenting Email Series to help with certain parenting struggles… like toddler tantrums!  It was easy to sign up and now I am getting emails to help my husband and I handle these situations a lot better. 

So why should I trust Boys Town?  Boys Town is backed by 100 years of research and experience,  Their content is developed by a series of psychiatrists, psychologists and parenting experts, so you can feel confident in the information, tips and advice that you read.  So far I’ve really enjoyed these emails and I am going to sign up for more!

My little one looks tough here, but he really is SWEET! 🙂

I’ve already learned so much about my kids through Boys Town.  Kids learn best through doing a experiencing things.  So when we just talk on and on it can tend to go through one ear and out the other!  I’ve learned that teaching moments with my toddler it’s best to just say one or two words per year of their age.  This makes so much sense to me and I am trying it with much more success than just talking on and on.

Having five kids under 12 is a challenge, but it’s one that I am up for!  I am glad that I have the resources from the Boys Town parenting email series.  One that I’ll be signing for soon is the series on parenting a teen!  We are already on the cusp of having a full fledge teen in the next year and I know that I’ll need some advice!

Which email series are you looking forward to reading from Boys Town?  Check them all out here!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.