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Time Capsule Ornament!

Time Capsule Ornaments!!!

One of my favorite things about putting up our Christmas tree each year is the nostalgic ornaments that we have collected.  We have ornaments to commemorate just about every special occasion and this year we decided to make a new tradition with our Time Capsule ornaments.  We each collected something that we though represented the year of 2014 and put it inside the ornament.  Each year as we decorate the Christmas tree we can re-live some of the memories of 2014!   For the outside of the ornament we placed a sticker that we made with Shutterfly that says Christmas 2014 and has a picture of the kids on it!

Time Capsule Ornaments

So what did we put in the Time Capsule Ornament this year?  First was the little baby band they put around my littlest when he was born in February.  Of course he has his own hashtag and that is what the #hudmuffin is for.  I have no doubt he will just LOVE that later in life! LOL  Then we have a keychain from my husbands newest job he started in January.  Next up is a mini version of the characters from FROZEN which will forever be associated with late 2013 and all of 2014!  Then my oldest cut out a GoGo Squeeze because they all love eating those!   My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this year and so we added a piece of tin and wrote 10 on it.  Lastly my daughter found a cute little butterfly bead which represents going to one of our state parks for the first time.

Time Capsule Ornaments!

This ornament is pretty large and we can even fill it with more if we need to.  I added a little tissue paper in the back to help fill it up!   I love how the Shutterfly stickers look on the ornament!  One thing to note is that a flat sticker does take some time to press onto the round ornament.  I took my fingernail and gently pressed out the remaining wrinkles and I think it looks great.  Just don’t expect a perfect fit.  I really love how these ornaments turned out and can’t wait to make them every year!  🙂  What will you put inside a Time Capsule Ornament?

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Friday 12th of December 2014


keri @ shaken together

Thursday 11th of December 2014

What a cool way to commemorate the year - so personal!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.