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DIY Jellybean Mancala Game

Jellybean project #3!!!  Before you throw away all the leftover candy and plastic eggs from Easter check this project out!
Have you ever played the game Mancala?  It is fun for the whole family!   If you were to buy a brand new wooden version it might cost around $20.00  to $30.00.
I will show you how to make one with re-purposed  Easter items for less than $5.00!!!
 Jellybean Mancala

what you will need:
empty and clean egg carton- free!
acrylic paintt- .99
leftover Easter jellybeans- free!
empty and clean tuna cans- free!
jewels and ribbon for decoration- around $2.00
leftover plastic Easter eggs- free!
hot glue

Total: $3.00


Cut the top off the egg carton and trim the sides evenly.
 Paint the inside and outside thoroughly.  Wait to dry.  Re-coat if necessary.  Paint the tuna cans also!
 Hot glue the plastic Easter egg bottoms inside the egg carton holes.
 Turn Egg carton over and hot glue the Plastic Egg tops to the bottom.
 Decorate with jewels if you want!
You can also decorate the outside with ribbon… if that is your thing… It’s mine! 😛  I used ribbons and jewels in the tuna cans also.
Now fill each cup with 4 Jellybeans and you are ready to play!  Of course if you get hungry and eat up the Jellybeans then you can always replace them with something less edible… like stones, gems, jewels, or coins… be creative! 🙂

Happy Creating!!!

Here is a little bit more about Mancala…
It’s a 7,000 year old game consisting of diamonds! (yes please!!!)  The captivating African Stone game, also known as Mancala is an ancient game that was played by scooping out pits  in the sand and, in many instances, used diamonds as stones. Many Historians believe that Mancala is the oldest game in the world.

How to play it?  Check out theWikipedia site to find out!

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Tammy @ she wears flowers

Thursday 21st of April 2011

What a great idea!!

Sarah @ Sarahndipities

Thursday 21st of April 2011

AWESOME!! What a great idea!! My kids love this game...I can just playing this for hours all weekend!! Thanks for the fun idea!!


Thursday 21st of April 2011

That's just really awesome! That's neat that it might have been the first game...certainly one of if not the oldest we've got record of! Fun! I've never played Mancala but had a set once....until the kids spilled it all over the laundry room and lots of pieces went under the washer and I threw the rest of the game away AND we found the rest when we were moving and we threw them away too and SO... We don't have it anymore. Whew! BUT I'm thinking your idea is adorable so we just might hafta make us up one one of these days!


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.