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Summer Party Essentials to Keep on Hand

Summer is the time of year that planning a get together becomes a regular occurrence for us.   We don’t have to work a party around school or a strict bedtime.  It’s also not dark until well after 9 pm!  Sometimes it’s a backyard bbq bash or maybe even just a small gathering to get together with our friends.  We just love having guests over in the summertime!  To make things a little easier,

I’ve put together a small list of summer party essentials to keep on hand!  This way I can be summer party ready anytime.

Paper goods are alway s great to have on hand.  I have a large family and we are constantly doing dishes!  Having guests over only adds to the dishes and so we like to buy paper plates and other disposable items to make things easier.  My kids know that these items are only used for get togethers!  Other party essentials are things like party lights and simple decor ideas that you can easily bring out for an outdoor or indoor party.  Some suggestions are tea lights, garlands, party string lights or special serving ware to make it seem like you planned the party for days! 😉

Another important item on my list is… toilet paper!  You have to admit that the party is going to be a bust without it or without enough of it.  That’s why I love Cottonelle Mega Rolls!  These bad boys are like having 4 regular rolls of toilet paper in just one roll.  I usually only have to put out one of these for everyone, but I keep a spare next to the toilet just in case.  Visit you local Walmart and grab Cottonelle Mega Rolls so you never run out this summer!

We picked them up in the store this time around!  Save $1 now on Cottonelle Mega Rolls at Walmart starting 6/28!  I also love utilizing Walmart grocery pickup for items like Cottonelle toilet paper and other household goods!  Order fresh groceries online with Walmart and enjoy the same in-store savings with free pickup. Click here to see if it’s available in your area!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.