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5 Tips for Moving into a Short Term Rental

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve always dreamed of living a mobile lifestyle.  If I thought I could handle 5 kids and move around the country… I think I would jump on it!  We will be getting a small taste of moving around this year since we are in the process of building a house.  We have the land and the builder has already started, but we still have 5-6 months to wait.  We will be moving 2 times this year and I am kind of anxious about the whole moving process.  Moving into an apartment will be a big task for our family, but I know it will be worth it in the end.  We are planning on renting a storage unit, but I wanted to look into services that would save us a little time too!

Tip #1: Only move into the temporary housing with exactly what you need.  We will be taking only the clothing I think we will need and pretty much bare necessities for everything else.  I am treating this first move as sort of a vacation.  We will have 3 different seasons to think about and so this may be the hardest part about deciding which clothing to bring along.  

Tip #2: One thing that would make the moving process so much easier is to rent furniture instead of moving what we have with us with every move.  Our first move will be into an apartment.  I’ve talked about CORT Furniture Rental before because it can help you live a mobile lifestyle.  It would be so nice to not have to move our heavy furniture into an apartment because we would only turn around and move it out again.  CORT provides Furniture on-demand (there when you need it, gone when you no longer need it).  I wish I had thought of this when we loved into our current rental, but we thought we would be here up until we moved into our new home.  

Tip #3: Use up the food you have now before moving and once you have moved… don’t buy or store too much.  I don’t want to move around with a bunch of food goods and so I am only going to be buying the necessities.  

Tip #4: This is a hard one for me, but I suggest keeping home decor items minimal.  Use pillows and throws to make your home more cozy without having to nail a bunch of pictures to the wall.  Use desktop style pictures instead of hanging them! 

Tip #5:  Essentials and valuables. While packing up boxes for moving we are going to set aside one box for the most important documents and valuable things we don’t want in storage.  Having it set in one place will make it easier to find once we get into the apartment.  

Since we will be living in the apartment for just a few months I am considering furniture rental as a real option.  CORT is more than a furniture rental company. CORT provides services and solutions for individuals facing life’s transitions. I am loving that they have convenient ‘move-in ready’ packages that would be great for our family.  I would really like to avoid renting a huge moving truck just to move into our temporary apartment and this seems like a great option that we can consider!  What do you think about CORT Furniture Rental?  

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.