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Organization for Blog Receipts

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TaxAct. All opinions are my own.

Organization for Blog Receipts

When I first started blogging in 2008 I never dreamed I would be making an actual income from blogging.  I started the blog as a way to share creative ideas and loved getting other ideas from other crafty bloggers.  Fast forward to today and I am now making an actual income from blogging which is totally surreal and wonderful.  The only downside to this is that filing taxes and keeping up with receipts is a task all it’s own… especially since as a blogger I am self employed.

How to Organize Blog Receipts!

One thing that we are doing this year that will make it easier on us is organizing our business expenses and receipts.  I made 12 file folders and placed them in a cute organization bin.  I marked each one with a different month and each month I place the receipts for that month into the folder.  How to Organize Blog Receipts

I also bought some matching office supplies and I make sure to place everything in a place where I pass by often so I will remember to file everything right away.


When it’s time to prepare and file my taxes it goes a lot smoother when I have everything organized.  Once I am ready to file I make sure to find a reputable company to file my taxes with like TaxAct.  Tax Act is a one stop shop for filing state and federal taxes.  Since we are nearing the deadline to get taxes done it’s important to note that going through an online service like TaxAct can save time and money compared to most traditional tax preparation services.  Be sure to check them out for all your tax needs!

Tell me how do you organize your taxes?

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