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DIY Winter Wreath ⋆ Easy Dollar Store Wreath

I haven’t shared our new home yet here on the blog, but that’s about to change!  This past year has been a whirlwind of packing/unpacking because we moved twice in the span of 6 months. I finally feel like we are getting settled and with that comes the FUN of decorating. 

This DIY Winter Wreath is a simple yet stunning decoration for the home. 

Follow this simple step by step tutorial to make one (or two) of your own! 

DIY Winter Wreath

What I love about this wreath is that it’s not specifically a “Christmas” themed wreath.  I will be leaving this wreath up all winter long above my kitchen stove, but this wreath would look great just about anywhere in the home.  I think it would look great above a mantle or hanging on a door! 

Gorgeous Winter Wreath

This DIY Winter Wreath is made mostly from Dollar Store (Dollar Tree specifically) items and so the cost to make it was only $8!  The only item I bought that was not from the Dollar Tree was the faux eucalyptus leaf branch.  I found the eucalyptus at Hobby Lobby.  The other item I used was two pinecones (free to me) to supplement what I bought at the Dollar Tree. 

DIY Winter Wreath Simple Dollar Store

If you don’t have access to free pine cones then just buy a couple more greenery picks which should be enough to cover the wreath with more pine cones.  This will still keep your cost at around $10 for the wreath.  I would expect to pay around $25-$35 dollars for a handmade 10-inch wreath like this one at the store!  

Also, this wreath could easily be worth around $50-$60 dollars if it was 20-24 inches around.  You could make a winter wreath at that size for under $20 with the tips I am sharing in the tutorial.  The main thing you want to do is to go to the Dollar Tree or other Dollar Store first.  Once you have found all that you can at the Dollar Tree/store… then shop at a craft store to supplement what you find.

Pinecone evergreen and eucalyptus wreath DIY

One thing that I want to point out is that the faux greenery that I bought at the Dollar Tree is a seasonal item.  If you are reading this after Christmas, then they most likely won’t have all the items I used.  The Willow Wreath ring is an everyday item, though, and that will save you quite a bit right there! 

craft supplies for winter wreath DIY

Most of the pine cones came with the beautiful greenery picks that I found!  I picked out three of them and ended up picking them completely apart to assemble this winter wreath.  The floral picks from the Dollar Tree also came with little white flowers and berries which I didn’t use.  Feel free to add them to your own wreath! 

They would still be winter neutral and not too Christmasy in my opinion.  I liked them with or without the flowers. 

DIY eucalyptus winter wreath

I think the eucalyptus leaves are what really makes this wreath beautiful.  The soft green hues of the leaves are my favorite.  It it definitely has a “winter” feel to it with the pine cones and evergreen. 

This is why this wreath was not a completely from the Dollar Store, but I think the eucalyptus leaves are worth the extra trip to Hobby Lobby.  Make sure to either go when they have floral picks on sale for 50% off or bring along your coupon for 40% off!  

DIY Winter Wreath Easy Dollar Store Wreath

You’ll need only a couple of supplies when you go to make a wreath like this.  The first is a hot glue gun.  I prefer to use a high heat glue gun or a glue pot.  A glue pot is a pot of hot glue that you dip the floral spray ends into and then stick them on the wreath.  This frees up your other hand to hold the wreath in place. 

It’s not necessary to have one, but if you make a lot of wreaths it really helps out.  See my glue pot suggestions in the tutorial below! 

DIY Winter Wreath Dollar Store

I think it turned out gorgeous.  No one would ever think that this was an easy dollar store wreath.  It definitely has that “Boho Farmhouse” vibe that I love!  I can’t wait to show you all what I have planned next.  The next wreath will be a Christmas styled wreath.  Make sure you are signed up to get emails! 

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Yield: 1

DIY Winter Wreath ⋆ Easy Dollar Store Wreath

DIY Winter Wreath ⋆ Easy Dollar Store Wreath

This DIY Winter Wreath is a simple yet stunning decoration for the home.  Follow this tutorial for an Easy Dollar Store Wreath that only costs $8 to make! 

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $8


  • 10 to 12 inch Willow Wreath from Dollar Tree
  • 3 Christmas floral picks from Dollar Tree (these come with 1-2 pinecones each)
  • 1 Eucalyptus Leaf Bunch from Hobby Lobby (regularly $9.99 but try to get half off or use coupon for 40% off)
  • extra pinecones if needed


  1. Lay all your supplies out on the table first.
  2. Start heating up your glue gun or your glue pot.
  3. Take apart the Dollar store floral picks and separate everything. You will be placing each item on separately.
  4. Use the Eucalyptus first. They usually come in a "bunch" at Hobby Lobby and so you will want to separate the bunch into individual stems by cutting each stem at the base. Place the Eucalyptus on the wreath how you want it and then glue it down with the hot glue.
  5. Next add the larger evergreen leaves in the middle of your Eucalyptus leaves by glueing them down. These pieces should face away from each other going outwards from the middle of the eucalyptus leaves. You'll need only two for this and you'll have one leftover (yay another project).
  6. Glue the smaller pieces of the evergreen around the outside of the wreath going in different directions. I cut these leaves (needles) down on the outside because I wanted them to look thinner like a spruce tree. (Trimming them is optional).
  7. Any other leaves you want to add should be added at this point. There were a couple of plastic evergreen looking pieces in my floral picks which I added on top of the eucalyptus leaves on either side. Secure these with hot glue.
  8. Lastly, add the pine cones. You can put them in place first and decide where you want them to go. Hot glue the pinecones on the underside and press them firmly into the wreath. You may need to hold them in place while the hot glue sets. Just be careful of the hot glue!
  9. Now the wreath is finished! If you want to add the flowers and berries that came with the floral picks then add those now where ever you want. Your wreath is now a masterpiece! Enjoy!


Lastly, figure out how you want to hang your wreath! I just placed a small wire to the back and hung it with a command strip hook. It can also be hung at the door with a door wreath hook too.

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Yolanda Garcia

Monday 6th of March 2023

Hello do you have more willow wreath ring 12 inch??

Yolanda Garcia

Monday 6th of March 2023

@Yolanda Garcia, I want buy willow wreath ring. I pay

Stephanie Wire

Tuesday 29th of October 2019

I just completed the wreath with my 4 year old daughter. It was a great project for the two of us. She stayed entertained and on task and we spend a couple great hours together. Not it's hanging on the wall. Thanks for this great little project :)

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