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Disney Princess Party

This Disney Princess Party is over the top cute and perfect for any princess.

Everything pink, purple, yellow and a touch of blue to represent the Disney princesses!  This Disney Princess party has just the perfect healthy snacks and a few treats too.   This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.

 All three of my girls have  birthday’s within 3 weeks of each other so this time of year seems like Christmas!    Every year I give them a choice… they can have smaller individual parties or one big party for them all.  They always choose the big party!   This year it was a unanimous vote for a Disney Princess Party!  I think this year’s party was the Best Party Ever!   The party was super simple to set up thanks to the Hallmark Disney Princess party supplies I found at Walmart!

Almost every little girl wants to dress up like her favorite Disney princess.  My oldest has always loved Cinderella, the middle one loves Belle and the littlest one we have always called Rapunzel because of her long blonde hair!  We set up a photo booth using the Hallmark Disney Princess backdrop and photo props!  I also loosely covered a chair with satin and hung yellow satin for curtains!  The girls had so much fun posing for their pictures with all the props!

We even had a prince join in on the fun!   His crown was made with a gold gift bag which I think turned out perfectly!

Inside the house we had the cake and food table!  We added the lights and balloons, but everything else was made using the Hallmark party supplies!   I think it turned out awesome!   My girls especially loved the Disney DecoPac Princess Cakes that I ordered from the Walmart Bakery!  It was such a relief to have the cakes already made ahead of time and the girls LOVED them.

One of my favorite decorations was the turrets I placed behind the cakes.  I came up with the idea, but my mom is the one that made them!  🙂 She made the 2 outer turrets using Country time lemonade canisters covered with the Hallmark Disney Princess napkins.  Then for the top we added a Hallmark Disney princess party hat!   For the middle turret she made it out of poster board since we wanted it taller.  She just taped the poster board up like a tube and covered them in the napkins just like the other two.   So cute!

I also made a cupcake stand using the two sizes of paper plates from the Hallmark Disney line and a blue paper cup in the middle.  I just turned the cup upside down and hot glued it to each plate.  SO cute and simple!

My mom came up with this next idea which I think is so genius!  Take the princess tiaras and use it as a tie back for a curtain!   We used plastic table cloths for the curtains which made this very economical also!

For the veggies we had party picks that were made from toothpicks and a set of Hallmark Disney princess stickers.

We also made these cute “Fruit Wands” with star marshmallows and various fruits on a skewer!

Did I mention that my mom is a genius?  Well… she is!  She came up with the idea to make individual pinatas using the Disney Hallmark treasure boxes and the Disney Hallmark snack caddy!  To make it you will need the treasure boxes or the snack caddy and some curling ribbon.

To make the pinatas:

On the bottom of each one you will tape one piece of ribbon onto each fold (4 in all).   The ribbon needs to be cut long enough so that when it hangs the kids can reach it.  Once the ribbon is taped on each fold you will fold it back up and the ribbon will hang out the bottom.  Fill the boxes with candy.  For the snack caddy we just put some tissue paper in it to hide the candy and for the boxes we closed them and made some holes in the hearts at the top for stringing.  You will need something strong to hang them on just like you would any pinata.  A tree works great as well as nails.  We use PVC pipe and hung the pinatas on that and two adults held it up for the kids!

It was so fun for them because they each got the excitement of having the candy come out of the pinata!!!

The Hallmark Disney Princess balloon drop was so easy to set up and the kids LOVED it!   Of course the best part of any party is always the PRESENTS…

Baby Cinderella for the little one of course!

Castle Miniature Golf  Course for the middle girl!

The oldest got a Disney Princess beauty set!

The best part was seeing the smiles on their faces throughout the whole party!   The girls told me later that they never wanted the party to end! 🙂  Needless to say it was a success and I am so glad we were able to find so many party supplies at Walmart… it made my job so EASY!

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