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Glue Jewel Bracelets

Can you believe that it is already the second week of July?  I can’t!  This summer is going by too quickly.  One of my favorite parts of back to school is all the supply shopping!  I know that my kids love it too.  This year, instead of just buying supplies for our family, we are also buying supplies to give away to a teacher for her classroom.  Elmer’s is hosting a campaign called “Bag it Forward” and they are inspiring people to donate school supplies to kids in need or teachers.  Walmart always has great back to school prices for school supplies, so it was easy for us to find lots of supplies to donate!  We also had fun making up a craft using the Elmer’s school glue that we bought which you can see near the bottom of the post.

 When we went to Walmart we were surprised to see that they were already setting up all the school supply items.  We found this big Elmer’s stand full of helpful info about back to school supplies.

Right on the stand was a QR code… so I had to check it out!  It was really easy to scan and it took me right to the Elmer’s “1st Day” App.

The Elmer’s “1st Day” app is so fun!  You can take photos of your kids for back to school and teachers can share photos from the classroom with parents.   Also… the REALLY cool part is that every photo uploaded to Elmer’s “1st Day” app… Elmer’s will donate one product (up to 200,000)  to the Kid’s In Need Foundation!   This is a great way to celebrate the school year milestones for your kids… cause you know that you don’t want to miss any of it!  I am loving this app!!

 We also found some X-Treme Elmer’s glue sticks at Walmart.  We love these!  You can see the rest of my shopping trip on google plus.

 I laid out all my donation supplies before heading out to give them to one of my mom’s friends that is also a teacher- we will call her “Ms.D”.  My mom is a retired school teacher herself so she helped me pick out all the items.  I was very happy with the selection that we got and I know that Ms.D will put them to good use!

The school that Ms.D works at is Spencer Elementary in Oklahoma City.  This is also the school that my mom retired from… so she still has a lot of connections there!   Most of the kids that go here can not buy supplies for school and they rely on donations.  The teachers also buy supplies to use in their class.  This is why I thought it was so important to donate to this school… and Ms. D is so deserving!!!

“Ms. D” was so happy to receive all the school supplies!  She immediately started rummaging through all of the items.  I know that the kids that use them will be so happy to have great supplies to use!

We also had bought some more school supplies for my girls… so we went ahead and started putting them to good use.

We made Glue Jewel Bracelets!  Here is how they are made…

First boil some large craft sticks.  Then you will shape them once they have boiled for a few minutes.

 Take them out carefully with tongs (adults only on this step) and blow on them until they are cool enough to touch.  Then bend them and shape them inside of a small mason jar or small glass.

 Let them dry this way overnight or for about 4 hours.  Once they are dry they will keep their shape!

 Now to make the glue jewels!  Take Elmer’s school glue and some foil.  Place dots of glue on top of the foil.  Let these dry fully… about 4 to 5 hours.

 Once they are dry let your kids color them with markers… the more permanent markers work best for this.  You can also use the Elmer’s Glitter Glue and just skip the marker part.

 Now that you have your bracelet and jewels… just take some Elmer’s X-Treme glue stick and glue the dots onto the bracelet.

 My daughter did a great job at designing her bracelet!

It turned out so cute!  It’s a fun and unique project that most elementary kids can handle!

We are so grateful to have been a part of the Bag it Forward with Elmer’s.  I hope you can join us in bagging it forward!  What are some ways that you want to give back to your community during this “back to school” season?

To find out more visit these sites: 

Elmer’s on Facebook

Elmer’s on Twitter 

Bag It Forward on Pinterest 

“1st Day” App download 

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Tuesday 17th of July 2012

What a great donation, and I love the bracelets!


Friday 13th of July 2012

Love the bracelet! Too cute! I'm blown away by Elmer's program for giving with the 1st Day App! One product for every photo uploaded donated? Phenomenal!


Tuesday 10th of July 2012

Cool trick to bend those popsicle sticks!


Monday 9th of July 2012

What a great donation and a fun activity!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.