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Backyard Date Night Ideas for Summer Entertaining

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Backyard Date Night Ideas

Lately it’s been hard for my husband and I to find time for a date night.  Summer is in full swing and that means my husband works long shifts doing landscaping work.  The folks at Babblebox recently sent me Summer Entertaining items that were perfect for a date night at home.  I decided that a backyard date night would be a fun and unique way to spend alone time without wasting time driving around.  It was the perfect solution and the kids didn’t even have to leave the house!  My oldest daughters took care of the younger ones while we watched the sun go down in our own backyard.

These Backyard Date Night Ideas are simple ways to set the stage for a memorable evening together.  I used what we had on hand for this date night and it turned out spectacular.  We are already planning our next backyard date night soon!

Backyard Date Night Ideas

My guy is a steak and potatoes type.  If I ask him for his choice on date night… it’s going to be either a steakhouse or a Mexican restaurant.

Ribeye steak with a side of herb roasted potatoes are the perfect pair for dinner and my husband loved them!

Backyard Date Night Ideas

We received a Date Night Bundle from Fareway Meat Market which was packed with different meat varieties to choose from.  I love that it’s so easy to order meat online with Fareway Meat Market.  We had the two generous 12 oz. portions of ribeye for backyard date night and are excited to try out the other meats for more summer grilling like the two 10 oz. Iowa Pork Chops
and two 8 oz. America’s Cut Boneless Pork Chops .  They even included a pound of ground beef and 4 premium Steak burger patties as a bonus. 

Want your own meat delivery service?  Visit Fareway Meat Market to order to order meat online.  Enter code “meatlover” to receive $20 off your first order.  We have loved everything we’ve tried so far in the box!

Another favorite from our backyard date night was the Southern Breeze Cold Brew Sweet Tea Bags made into a Raspberry Peach Mocktail!  Southern Breeze Cold Brew is a must-have on a hot summer evening.  It’s pre-sweetened with a zero calorie sweetener which sweetens as you brew the tea in cold water.

Southern Breeze Cold Brew tea bags only take 5 minutes to brew and come in 4 flavors; original, peach,
raspberry, half tea half lemonade.

We tried the peach flavor which I brewed in Raspberry sparkling water for a Raspberry Peach Tea Mocktail!  It turned out delicious and was perfect for sipping through the night.

Have a trampoline?  It’s not just for kids!  I made a little pallet for star gazing on our trampoline.  I also added some lights around the top of the netting which added a nice ambiance.

The trampoline star gazing pallet was also a great place to enjoy some healthy snacks.  We enjoy after dinner snacks as much as we do the meal!  These popchips come in yummy flavors my husband and I enjoy.   He loves the spicier versions like buffalo ranch and zesty jalepeño cheddar while I love the sweet & tangy taste of the barbecue popchips!  Popchips are never fried and made with real ingredients.  My husband also gets to enjoy them because they are a gluten free option.

Find out more about popchips on their Instagram page.

We could have stayed there all night gazing at the stars.  We thoroughly enjoyed our evening and will be doing this again!

What are the must-have items you would include in your own backyard date night?  Be sure to check out Fareway Meat Market, Southern Breeze Cold Brew Tea Bags and popchips for more information on the products I used!

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Sunday 1st of September 2019

Great and awesome!

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Monday 3rd of December 2018

Hey Rachel! how are you? There are a lot of good stuff. Great! I believe that fitness is very important along with food. So, fun food here and fitness food on My Health Paradise:)

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