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5 Ways Walmart Grocery Pickup is Life Changing

 This “5 Ways Walmart Grocery Pickup is Life Changing” is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own! walmart-grocery-pickup-lane

One of my least favorite things to do is to go grocery shopping with all my kids in tow.  I avoid it like the plague and I rarely ever take all my kids grocery shopping if I am the only adult.  Taking one or two kids with me is okay, but now that we have 5 kids I just don’t do it much.  This is where Walmart grocery pickup has literally changed our lives.  I can now shop from the convenience of home and I don’t even have to get out of the car to pick up my items!  This means the baby stays asleep, the 2 year old doesn’t complain every 5 minutes about something he wants and the big girls don’t have to leave the comfy warm car.  With such a big family it also takes us a long time to shop usually, but now it only takes a few minutes while the Walmart employee puts the groceries in the car.  Walmart grocery has changed our lives and freed up so much time for us.  I totally feel like a #GroceryHero now!

Here are the 5 Ways Walmart Grocery Pickup is Life Changing

  1. Frees up lots of time because they do the shopping for me!
  2. Saves money by taking out the chance I will impulse buy something while shopping, the service is free to use and I am getting the same Every Day Low Prices found in stores.
  3. It’s more convenient to shop now and helps our family function because we don’t have to leave the car.
  4.  Grocery shopping is much more pleasant this way and helps me feel accomplished.
  5.  I rarely ever forget what is on my list anymore because I am reserving the order first online and can double check it.


I still can’t believe that there are no fees to use this service because I feel like everyone should be using it!  The process is very simple from start to finish.  Just go online to Walmart Grocery to set up an account first.  Once your account is set up just search for the items you need and put them in your cart.  They always have a wide variety of choices and plenty of produce and other fresh items to choose from.  You order the items and then pick out a pickup time in the next few days when you plan to come pick them up.  I find it’s best to install the Walmart grocery app on my phone because I can check in while I am on my way and the Walmart employees will know that I am on my way once I check in.  Don’t worry, though, the app does not tell them my exact location.  It just let’s them know how many minutes I am away so they can have my order ready to go.


I’ve never had to wait more than a couple of minutes for them to get my order to me once I am there.  The employees are always so nice and kind!  They always show me the eggs so I can see if there are any cracks in them.  If there is a problem with the order they are always helpful about getting it fixed.  Sometimes the item I wanted is not in stock and they’ll let me know if they replaced it or took it off the order.  If there is a change in the order they are quick to tell me what changes have been made and they always make sure to take off the charge for something that was out of stock at the time I picked it up.  Fresh produce is one of those things that I consider myself to be pretty picky about and I’ve never been disappointed in their selections at all.  I also have peace of mine knowing that they have a money back guarantee.

So have you tried Walmart Online Grocery?  If not, then it’s simple to get started!  Just sign up online at Walmart Grocery then go through the sign up process first.  Then download your app.  iOS users: download the “Walmart Grocery” app and Android users: download the “Walmart Grocery Check-in” app.  It’s that easy to get started!  I think you will agree that it is life changing!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.