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15 Fun Valentine Recipes

15 fun

15 Fun Valentine Recipes!

I have collected the last 3 years of Valentine’s Day Recipes and put them all in this post!  Just click on the pic or text links to go to the post!

Most of these are desserts, but you’ll have to scroll down and check out the Valentine Veggies too!

Nutella Cookies 1 Nutella Cookies!

Nutella Cookies! 

Dark Cherry and Banana Ice Cream 1

Black Cherry Banana Soft Serve!

ice cream cupcakes 11 Ice Cream Cupcakes! {Pretty in Pink}


Ice Cream Cupcakes {Pretty in Pink}

Chocolate Strawberry Cake 1 Chocolate Strawberry Cake! {w/ Kit Kat rim}

Chocolate Strawberry Cake! 

Valentine Chocolate Marshmallows 2 Chocolate Marshmallows {Homemade Valentine Candy}

Chocolate Marshmallows {Homemade Valentine Candy}

Cherry Cookie Bars with Cream Cheese Icing1 Cherry Cookie Bars {w/ Cream Cheese Icing}!

Cherry Cookie Bars w/ Cream Cheese Icing! 

pop rocks mallow pops Pop Rocks Mallow Pops!

Pop Rocks Mallow Pops! 

red velvet brownies 21 Red Velvet Brownies!

Red Velvet Brownies! 

strawberry cupcakes Strawberry Cupcakes! {Shaped Like Strawberries}

Strawberry Cupcakes {Shaped like Strawberries}

Peppermint Ice Cream Brownie Bites 4 {Peppermint} Ice Cream Brownie Bites

Peppermint Ice Cream Brownie Bites! 

smarties1+copy Smarties Valentines Day Treats! #Cbias #IAmaSmartie

Smarties Mini Parfaits

strawberrypoprocksfudge Strawberry "Pop Rocks" Fudge

Strawberry “Pop Rocks” Fudge

truffles16 Ice Cream Truffles! {Heart Shaped}

Heart Shaped Ice Cream Truffles! 

 Glam Gloves and Valentine Cookies!

Double Heart Cookies! 

vv9 Tuesday Tutorial: Valentine Veggies and Roasted Pepper Hummus

Valentine Veggies and Roasted Pepper Hummus! 

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Friday 8th of February 2013

they have that affect on me too! lol :)


Thursday 7th of February 2013

My mouth keeps watering when I see those ice cream cupcakes! I so have to try those!

keri @ shaken together

Thursday 7th of February 2013

LOVE this tasty round up!! Those veggies are adorable!


Thursday 7th of February 2013

Thanks!!! :) I need to make them again.. I've made my quota in desserts... lol

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