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Hairstyling Tips for Dads

Teaching dads how to do hair!

Father’s day is coming up and it makes me think of all the reasons that I love the dads in my life.  My own dad is loving, caring and is always willing to spend time with me.  I always said that I had the best dad in the world… and I still do!  My husband is just like him in many ways and I know he’s the best dad in the world to my kids.  Not a day goes by that he doesn’t spend quality time with the kids.  When it comes to having three girls he’s had to learn a whole lot through the years.  He only had a brother growing up and so the “girl world” was totally new to him.  I think he has handled it with stride and he even takes on the hair dos when needed.  I was asked by Pantene at Walmart to do a sponsored post for Pantene “Dad-Dos” and I knew my husband would be up for the challenge!  My girls were excited to see what daddy could do!  Be sure to check out Pantene at Walmart to see the NEW how to video featuring DeAngelo Williams receiving a “Daughter-Do”.  It’s super cute!

Dad dos with Pantene!!

The Dad-Dos kit comes with hairstyle how-to cards.  He let each girl pick the card with the hairstyle they wanted and then he tried it out.

Dad dos

Elise wanted pigtails and he carefully followed the directions.  He made sure to use the provided Pantene hair detangler which made it easy to smooth out her hair and get the tangles out.

Dad making pigtails in girls hair

I think she was concerned at one point because my husband has only tried ponytails in the past.  He’s also been known to use a chip clip on their hair in desperate times! lol

Dad dos with Pantene!

She was so happy when she saw the end result!  He did a great job and said he would do it again!  The Dad-Do kit really made things easy.  The best part was that our girls got to spend some quality time with their dad and it’s moments like these they will keep with them forever.

For the original Dad-do video, Pantene partnered with NFL dads DeAngelo Williams, Benjamin Watson and Jason Witten to create how to videos featuring “Dad-Dos.”  Research shows girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women. Pantene’s Strong is Beautiful how-to videos show dads how easy and fun it can be to spend quality time with their daughters by doing their hair.

This Dad-Do kit includes:

• “Dad-Do” Instruction Cards

• Pantene Detangler

• Brush and Mirror

• Hairbands, and a

• $5 Walmart Gift Card

I’ll be giving away 5 of these kits in my next Facebook live event.  So head on over to Facebook and make sure to lookout for this event which will be Saturday, June 18th at 8:00 pm CST

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.