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How to Color Sprinkles

Use Food Coloring to Dye your own Sprinkles!  This is such an easy DIY and you can use the food colors you have on hand!

I LOVE sprinkles.   They can make an ordinary cake or cupcake instantly extraordinary.  I am pretty liberal with my sprinkles too… you only live once right?    Sometimes I have been a little disappointed in the usual selection of sprinkles that I find in my local grocery store.  A lot of times I want a specific color that I can’t find.  I discovered something amazing one day when I was decorating this Princess Castle Cake I posted about a year ago.  Did you know that you can color your own?  Believe it or not you can and it’s easily done with just some white sprinkles and food coloring!

Sprinkles! {diy custom colors}

What you need:

White sprinkles either nonpareils, jimmies or pearls  (I have tried all of these kinds, but you can try others at your own risk)

food coloring/ colorings or choice: powdered, liquid or gel

sprinkles 6

I have a wide assortment of food colors since I bake a lot, but any food color will work.  Gel, powdered, or liquid- it doesn’t matter.  I wondered if the liquid would melt the sprinkles, but it never has for me.  I made some red ones last year using this method and had to use a large amount of food coloring (about 5 or 6 drops) and it never melted them and the color never came off.   This really is a great method!

sprinkles 7

Since I was making 6 colors I used 2 containers of sprinkles separated into 6 bags.  I used gel food colors as well as liquid food colors.  For the gel colors I just placed a little bit on the end of a toothpick and rubbed it on the inside of the bag where the sprinkles touched it.  For the liquid colors I just squeezed a drop (or two) if needed right on the sprinkles.

sprinkles 5

This next part is fun for kids too.  Just close up the bag and shake it and smoosh it around until the color is thoroughly mixed in.  If you want the color darker just add more coloring.  So easy!

Sprinkles 3

I adore these pastel colors.  SO pretty.  Perfect for spring baking or Easter!

Sprinkles 4

I even mixed them together for custom multi-colored sprinkles!

Sprinkles 2

I used small mason jars to store mine, but you can just store them in the ziploc bags if you want!   So easy and FUN!!!

What colors or color combos would you like to make?

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Saturday 21st of May 2022

Love this! Have you tried it with white sequin confetti sprinkles?!


Saturday 11th of May 2019

After shaking the bag to coat the sprinkles in color, how do I dry them so they don’t make a mess all over my hands and table?


Saturday 13th of February 2016

Rachel, you are a genius!! Do you know if this will work for the little sprinkles they call nonpareils?

tanya Murphy

Thursday 30th of July 2015

I love this!! Perfect for that specific color mix you want for a party. After you dye the sprinkles do you put them in a bowl to air dry or just leave them in the bag? And if you do let them air dry, for how long usually? Thanks!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.