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Winter Socks & Gloves Ornaments ⋆ DIY Frugal Christmas Gift

My toes go into hibernation once the temps are freezing and only start to recover in the spring.  My husband can confirm this because he sometimes touches my toes as he’s sleeping (haha).  They are basically icicle phalanges!  The only hope I have is a large stock of winter socks when the cold temps roll through.

I think socks & gloves are a great Holiday gift for everyone and why not make them into cute ornaments?

These Winter Socks & Gloves Ornaments are a perfect DIY Frugal Christmas Gift idea for anyone you want to give some winter warmth to!

Winter Socks & Gloves Ornaments DIY gift

Plus, socks and gloves are really easy to find during this time of year and come in really cute designs.  I found the gloves and socks for my ornaments at the Dollar Tree.  They are perfect for co-workers, friends, family and make great neighbor gifts too.  I spent less than $3 on each ornament and so I plan on making many more for everyone on my list!

I am really happy with how cute and comfy these gloves and socks are for just one dollar.  These Winter Socks & Gloves Ornaments would also be a great to give to those in need too.  Toss a few of these in your car to pass out to the homeless and needy in town.

Christmas socks and gloves ornament gift

The other great thing about these ornaments is that they are super easy to make with just a few steps.  You could easily make a dozen in less than 20 minutes.  Use some ribbon or even pre-made bows to make it even easier.  I am also including some easy to use gift tag printables that you can get for free when you sign up to receive emails.

Winter Socks and Gloves gift

The fun part is hanging these ornaments on the tree.  You could have all kinds of colors and patterns from different pairs of gloves and socks.  Most socks and gloves will fit inside the 4 inch ornaments.  The socks and gloves I found at the Dollar Tree had room to spare!

Here are some of my favorite socks, mittens and gloves:

  1. There are tons of Christmas socks to scroll through on Amazon. (affiliate). These fleece lined socks (affiliate) are some of my favorites!
  2. Check out this list of Christmas Gloves (affiliate) too!  I’m obsessed with these plaid gloves (affiliate).  So chic!  Don’t forget the guys gloves too.  A thick pair of mens gloves may be a bit big for the ornaments, but these texting gloves (affiliate) should be great.
  3. How about some mittens (affiliate)?  These hedgehog mittens are ADORABLE!
  4. Other items to try:  You can also try other items like scarves and earmuffs, but most of them probably won’t fit in the ornaments.  You’ll need to test them and see for yourself.  I think most kid sized ones will fit, but I haven’t tested them yet.  Thinner beanie style caps might work too.
  5. Add ins for the ornaments:  I think some Hot Hands (affiliate) are a great idea!  They also make Toe Warmers (affiliate) which I’ve used many times and LOVE (for those icicle phalanges of mine).
Winter Socks and Gloves Ornaments DIY

Once you decide on what is going on the inside of the ornaments then it’s time to make them!

How to make Winter Socks & Gloves Ornaments:


  1. You’ll need a pair of gloves, mittens, or socks.  See my suggestions above and other things to add such as Hot Hands.
  2. 4 inch clear craft ornaments (affiliate). Use the ones in the link or just be sure that you pick clear ornaments that open in half.
  3. Clear glossy tape for securing the ornaments. I like to use the glossy kind because the matte shows up more against the ornament.
  4. Christmas ribbon or bows. I like to use pre-made twist tie bows (affiliate) for ease of use. Just twist them on the ornaments at the top.
  5. Twist tie or hot glue if not using the pre-made twist tie bows.
  6. Strong string or thin ribbon to hang the ornaments (if you are wanting them to hang on the tree).
Winter Warmth Ornaments

Once you have all the supplies the directions are easy.  Open up the ornament which will have two halves.  Roll the gloves, mittens or socks into a ball.  Press them into one of the the ornament halves.  I like to look at the front of the ornament and move the gloves/ socks around until it looks the way I want inside.

Winter Warmth Ornaments with gloves and socks

Use the other half of the ornament and close the ornament.  Make sure that none of the fabric is sticking out of the sides.  Use the tape to secure the seams of the ornament.  Add the bow by either using the twist tie in the back of the bow or add a bit of hot glue on the ornament to secure the bow.

Once you get to this point you can now add string or ribbon to the ornament in a loop.  These can be made without a loop too if you don’t want to hang it on the tree.  Make sure to tie the knot tightly.  Hang it on the tree if you wish!

These gift tags will look great with the ornaments and the best part is that they are FREE!  Just sign up below with your name and email.  Once your subscription is confirmed you’ll be sent a confirmation link where you can access the download.  Make sure to look at your printer settings before printing these and adjust as needed.

Winter Socks and Gloves Ornaments

Even if you are not the DIY type these are easy enough to make that it doesn’t “feel” like a DIY.  It’s actually easier for me to make these than to wrap a box! LOL  I guess that my secret is out to why I love easy ornament ideas so much.  I am horrible at box wrapping.

I love the idea of making gifts that people will use all season long!  I think these Winter Socks & Gloves Ornaments should be on your DIY Frugal Christmas Gift list for sure!

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Sofie Hansen

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

I love socks and gloves, they keep me warm in the winter!

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