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Best Sensory Toys for Babies

Little Tykes

My little guy is growing up so fast and is reaching milestones at a quick pace lately.  He went from just barely sitting up, to crawling, and now pulling up on furniture!  It’s amazing how fast babies grow and change over the course of a few months.  Every baby seems to reach different milestones at their own pace and this guy isn’t any different.  He doesn’t care too much about talking yet, but he has mad skills when it comes to crawling around.  Even though he’s not saying too much… he is definitely reaching all his milestones and has since he was a newborn.  I know that all babies will reach milestones in their own time, but there are ways that we can help them achieve them too.  The best way is through having fun, playing with them and introducing them to the best sensory toys for babies!  Benny Lew

We have used a whole lot of different toys with our babies through the years but one of our favorites is from Little Tikes.  I was recently given the Little Tikes Shake ‘n Rattle Crabbie to try with my little guy.  It helps encourage babies to grasp, while also engaging mom in the play – turn it around and it becomes a rattling bead maze!Little Tikes baby toys

My little guy loves the Little Tikes Shake ‘n Rattle Crabbie and of course he loves to put it in his mouth!  I really love to watch him interact with all his toys and this one has been great for him.  He loves shaking it around because the little beads make fun noises.

Little Tikes enters the Baby category with the only line of newborn Toys that addresses baby’s specific developmental needs while delivering on baby’s three key need states of soothing, stimulating and strengthening.
Soothe 'n Spin Octopus

There are other great products from Little Tikes like this Soothe and Spin Octopus!   Wind up the Little Tikes Soothe ‘n Spin Octopus to help baby wind down before naptime.

 We also like the The jittery Hide ‘n Seek Hermie which is great for eye tracking and it hides while your baby seeks!

Little Tykes rattle

All of these Little Tikes toys can be found at Target so be sure to pick some up for your own baby or a baby that you know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.