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Pomegranate Green Iced Tea and a Butterfly Garden

There is nothing like gardening on a sunny day like today was.  I love being able to get my hands dirty and teach my girls all about the wonder of nature.  It’s even better when we have something refreshing to drink while we are gardening.  That is why my girls and I decided to plant a butterfly garden and make some Pomegranate Green Iced Tea aka “Butterfly Nectar” .  The girls liked calling it butterfly nectar since we were planting flowers that would attract the butterflies!

We went shopping at Walmart for all of our supplies.  First we shopped for the Iced Tea ingredients.  I found this Pomegranate Green Tea that I thought would be great and I love the Bigelow brand of teas!!!  They have the best flavor and the smoothest taste.

After we got the ingredients for the tea we went flower shopping.  We made sure to only get flowers that were best for attracting butterflies!  Here is my Pinkie Pie admiring all the plants!!!

You can see the rest of my shopping trip on Google Plus.

It was so much fun planting the flowers with my girls.

We all got to dig in the dirt which they love to do!

Of course we made sure to take plenty of breaks to enjoy the Pomegranate Green Iced Tea!!!  I mean {Butterfly Nectar}! 😉  It was a wonderful way to spend the day enjoying the outdoors and enjoying a tall drink of the tea.  Tea is a summertime staple in our house… there is nothing better to quench thirst!

Not only will the garden attract butterflies, but it is beautiful!  We made sure to space the flowers out to give them enough room to grow big!

 I wonder if any butterflies will come visit today?

 Here is a list of the flowers we planted today:

To make the Pomegranate Green Iced Tea:

The night before I froze some Pomegranate Juice in ice cube trays.  This is optional, but I think that it is nice that the tea is never watered down this way!

Doesn’t it look yummy?  My whole family loved this!  I know we will be drinking this a lot this summer!!!

Pomegranate Green Iced Tea aka {Butterfly Nectar}

Pomegranate Green Iced Tea aka {Butterfly Nectar}


  • 5 bags of Bigelow Pomegranate Green Tea
  • 24 oz . water
  • 1 cup Pomegranate Juice
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • optional:
  • Sliced Pomegranate for pitcher
  • frozen pomegranate juice in an ice tray


  1. Heat water to boiling and pour over the tea bags in heat safe container. Let seep for 5 minutes then take tea bags out. Stir in sugar. Let sit for a few minutes to cool down then pour in Pomegranate juice. Refrigerate for at least 1-2 hours or until cool. Serve over ice or iced pomegranate juice.

Nutrition Information

Serving Size

1 grams

Amount Per Serving Unsaturated Fat 0g

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Sunday 11th of June 2023

Very yummy and a great drink to sip when it’s a hot day! Will make throughout the year.

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Thursday 7th of April 2016

[…] Plant a Butterfly Garden […]


Monday 8th of December 2014

I added your drink to my roundup, I hope you enjoy!


Saturday 23rd of February 2013

Nice to come across another butterfly enthusiast Rachel! Thought I would offer a few more idea for you and the girls. Not only do we need to attract the butterflies with nectar filled plants, but we also need to offer habitats where our winged friends can rest and feel safe, while basking in a windless sunny area. Also, don't forget to plant a variety of food plants, for those hungry larva that will emerge form their cocoons ...what a great experience for children to take part in!! Asclepsia Aka Milk Weeds are a favoured plant of Monarch babies. They will devour the entire plant of its leaves...but don't worry, the plants will return the following year, with another healthy meal for your winged beauties. Some other beautiful, as well as butterfly and Hummingbird likables are:- Joe Pye Weed (nooo its not a weed, nor is the Milkweed...:):)), Echinacea aka Coneflowers, Rudbeckia aka Brown Eyed Susans, Asters, Hyssop, Dill Weed, Coreopsis, Cosmos, Blue Fescue (non invasive grass that grows mounds), Buddelia aka Butterfly Bush, Lavender and the list goes on and on and .....

Jon LeMire

Tuesday 28th of August 2012

Rachel, your pictures are absolutely stunning! I love showing clients your work. Keep it up!! Jon

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