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How to Organize and Keep Track of Seasonal Decor

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Duck Brand for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Organize Seasonal DecorOrganize Seasonal Decor

In the last 5 years we have moved houses 5 times!  If we never move again I will be more than happy about that.  On all our moves through the years I have had one thought… I need to get organized!  The second thought I’ve had is that I need to be able to keep track of where I’ve put all the things we store seasonally.  I don’t know how many times I’ve packed up our seasonal decor and then have to hunt it down the next year.  No one wants to have to buy things that they already have and I just knew there had to be a better way.

That’s where Duck Pack & Track™ labels and app comes in.  It’s an awesome tracking system for boxes that makes my life a whole lot easier!  Whenever I need to find something that I’ve stored away I just look in the Duck Pack & Track™ app to know exactly where I put it.

Organize Seasonal Decor

The app is super easy to download and is very easy to use.  You’ll need to buy the labels first which you can find at Walmart.  These labels have a unique barcode that you scan in the app and then add a description of the box and items.

Want to know exactly how it works?  Just follow these simple directions from Duck and see the FAQs  .

1.  Label the Box. Write a descriptive name on your Pack & Track™ label about the contents of the box. Make sure that each box name is only used once. Do you have more than one box that contains similar items? Use labels like “Kitchen 1, Kitchen 2 and Kitchen 3” for those situations.

2.  Scan the Label. Access the Pack & Track™ app on your smartphone and use the “Scan” button. This will open your smartphone camera and you can now scan the barcode off of the label on your box. When prompted, speak or type the name of your box – make sure to use the same name for your box in the app that you used on the label.

3. Speak or Type the contents. Start adding items to your box by speaking or typing in the app. Use the word “and” to add more than 1 item at once. For example, “pots and cookie trays.” Be as descriptive as you can with the items you list in your box and use phrases that are familiar to you. This will make it easier when you search in the app to find your items.

4. Find the Items.  Scan the label on the outside of the box with your smartphone camera to pull up a full list of the contents. Or, use the “Find” function in the app to locate items. Simply speak or type the item you are looking for, and Pack & Track will tell you the box it is in.

See how it works here!

Organize Seasonal Decor

In addition to the Pack & Track™ labels I also used Duck Duck Deco Adhesive Laminate Shelf Liner in Grey Marble to give even more distinction to my boxes.  I also just love how it looks too!  We have a lot of shelves in our garage on both sides and this helps me to identify my seasonal home decor items in an instant.

Organize Seasonal Decor

Once I scan the barcode on the label I just add a note in the Duck Pack & Track™ app that the box has the marble on it.

Organize Seasonal Decor

 From there I just find what I need by the description I gave in the app.  It used to take me several minutes to find my seasonal decor items and even then I sometimes had to rummage through each box to find what I needed.

Now I just go to the app and search for the item I need and it shows me right where to find it.  The Duck Pack & Track™ app system is a breath of fresh air!  It’s one of those things that I know I will wonder how I ever managed without it.  Be sure to look for the Duck Pack & Track™ labels at your local Walmart and then download the app once you get the labels!

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