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Nail Kit Ornaments ⋆ DIY Christmas Gift for Girls

Before we had our fourth child, who is a boy, people were always joking about us having ALL girls.  The jokes about all the weddings we will be paying for and the jokes about how outnumbered dad was.  We heard them all, but it never bothered me because I am a girly girl at heart.

One of my favorite things about having girls is buying and making all the cute gifts and accessories for them.

 These Nail Kit Ornaments are a cute and easy DIY Gift Idea for Girls of any age.

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Nail Kit Ornaments

I made these for my little girls, but you can always change up the contents to fit the ages you are making them for.  Most of the items I used are from the Dollar Tree or bought inexpensively online.  I’ve included plenty of resources in the post towards the bottom if you want to get some ideas!

Ornaments with nail kits

I don’t think a day goes by without at least one of my girls begging me for a little lipstick or for me to paint their nails.  That’s why, when I found Piggy Paint nail polishes a few years ago, we all fell in love with them!  I wanted to make a special Christmas gift for my girls using the Piggy Paint nail polish and so I came up with these Nail Kit Ornaments!

Nail Kit Ornaments DIY Christmas Gift for girls

I think the ornaments turned out super cute and are perfect for little and big girls alike!  Nail Kit Ornaments are great to give to any girl (or woman) even if you aren’t real sure what get them for Christmas.  I think most girls would love to get one of these!  You could also give these to female co-workers, neighbors, family and friends for the holidays.

 I picked Piggy Paint nail polishes for these kits because they are non toxic and odorless!  It’s nice to paint nails without all the fumes especially around my girls.  Plus, Piggy Paint is safe for all ages. It is even safe to paint your baby’s piggies and safe during pregnancy. You can also find Piggy Paint on Amazon (affiliate link).Piggy Paints

Directions and Supplies to make Nail Kit Ornaments:

  1. Two Piggy Paint Nail Polish bottles (affiliate) or other nail polish bottles per ornament.
  2. Nail kit supplies like a nail brush, finger separators, glitter, emory board, and nail cutters (affiliate links). You can find 100mm ornaments here (affiliate link) which are almost 4″ in diameter. 
  3. The ornaments will need a couple of strips of clear gloss tape (affiliate) on the outside to secure them so they don’t open up. 
  4. You’ll also need a ribbon to tie on top and an ornament hook or string if placing them on your tree.
  5. I also added white tissue paper crumpled up on one side of the ornaments to help hold everything in place.  Even with all the nail kit supplies there was room for them to jiggle around in the 4 inch balls.


First; open up the ornaments which should have two halves after opening.  Next; place a little crumpled up tissue paper in one of the halves.  Third; add the ornament kit supplies in the other half and carefully close up the ornament.  Lastly; secure the ornament with tape along the seam. Add the ribbon and hook or string.  Optional: add a gift tag (see how to get your free printables below) if you want. You can now box up the ornament or place it on your tree.  My girls have a pink tree that these would be so cute on!

Piggy Paints in Blue

I didn’t want have to wait until Christmas and so I let my girls open these early!  Plus, they were getting curious once I put them on the tree.  What did they think?  They absolutely loved them!

We had a little nail painting party right away.  I let them each pick out what color they wanted and then  let them pick out a little glitter for the tops too.  We are planning on making more of these to give to their friends too.

Printable gift tags for Christmas

My girls have had so much fun with these Nail Kit ornaments already and they can’t wait to pick up supplies to make some for their friends.  I included some glitter and nail beads too which they just thought was the coolest thing.  Be sure to get your FREE Printable Gift Tags below!  Sign up for emails and make sure to confirm your subscription to get the link for the download.


I made these Nail Kit Ornaments with lots of bright colors, but I think a Christmas red and green color scheme would be cute too.  I also love the idea of a blue and white winter theme!  These can be changed up in so many ways and I think they would even be great as gifts outside of the holidays.

Who says that ornaments are only for Christmas?  Not me! 🙂   What are you adding to your ornaments this year?  I’d love to hear all your great ideas.

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Thursday 11th of December 2014

Thank you!

Daniele @ We Know Stuff

Monday 8th of December 2014

This is adorable! I think my daughter would love finding a piggy paint ornament on the tree this year. I love that Piggy Paint is non-toxic, I had no idea that it was odorless too!

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