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Finding Dory Party

We finally saw the Disney Pixar Finding Dory movie and it was even better than our expectations. The ending was definitely my favorite part and the whole movie was filled with funny moments. Of course it had a heartfelt message too, but cheers of laughter definitely filled the theater.  It’s definitely a must see and will become a family favorite instantly!  My daughters birthday happened to fall right after the Finding Dory release and she thought it would be fun to have a Finding Dory Party for her birthday this year. Finding Dory Party Ideas! Party City already has tons of Finding Dory themed birthday supplies and they provided most of the supplies for this party.

We used the Finding Dory theme throughout this party and had lots of fun planning it!

Finding Dory Party Baby Dory Cake Pops!

A big part of the movie is when Dory is just a little guppy.  She is so adorable and so I knew I wanted to incorporate some baby Dory cake pops!  The eyes were made with candy eyes and I used an pink edible marker around the black part to look more like Dory’s eyes.  To make the cake pops I used a mixture of melted candy melts and pre-made cake to form a fish shape.  Then I froze the shapes in the freezer for a few minutes.  Then I dipped them into some blue candy melts and shook off the excess.  While it was still melted I pressed in the eyes.  Then I used yellow candy melts that were melted to make yellow fins and a tail.  Last I took a black edible marker and made freckles and a mouth.  These turned out too cute!  I displayed them on a cake pop tray from Party City.

Finding Dory Party Jelly Fish Mini Lights!

The ocean background is from Party City and I had plenty for the backdrop with just one roll.  For the jelly fish I used some wedding lantern lights from party city and a pink plastic tablecloth.  I had to take the lanterns apart and cut the inside plastic in half to make the lantern look like the top of the jelly fish.  I used strips of the tablecloth inside the lanterns to make them pink.  I also used 1/2 inch wide and 10 inch long strips of the table cloth for the tentacles.  To make the tentacles look ruffled I stretched out the sides of the strips with gentle pressure.  Then I just taped the strips onto the lantern.  These lights were my favorite!!!  We also had the hanging paper Finding Dory decorations which were so cute with the lanterns.  On the other side of the background I used these leis for a seaweed look.

Finding Dory Party Platter!

This Finding Dory Veggie Platter was easy to make!  Just use green veggies like snow peas and celery to make the seaweed and other colorful veggies along the bottom.  I piped the veggie dip with a piping bag fitted with a 1M tip.  Then I added fish crackers to look like swimming fish!

Finding Dory Fruit Platter!

This Starfish platter was super cute with all the fruits in it!  We added some little candy octopuses with it too.  Notice the purple shells we painted on the table?  For those that haven’t seen the movie yet… this is an important detail!

Finding Dory Popcorn Snack Mix!

We all loved this Finding Dory popcorn mix which I used different colored M&M’s and some Finding Dory cereal.  It was an easy and fun  recipe that all the kids ate up!

 Finding Dory Cake! Make this simple cake with chocolates and store bought toys!

Of course the best part is always blowing out the candles and cutting into the cake!  I used M&M’s on this Finding Dory Cake which were the same ones I used in the snack mix.  I suggest getting 2 bags of every color, though!   This cake was actually a lot easier than it looks, but there are a few tricks I had to get that pot to stay.  If you want to read the Finding Dory Cake Tutorial click here. Finding Dory Birthday Party! I can’t believe this girl is now 9!   I think this Finding Dory party was just perfect for her and one that she will always remember.  We all had a great time and I am glad she got to spend this birthday with some of her favorite friends.  We made sure to have plenty of Finding Dory party favors and games from Party City which made it even more fun for everyone.

Party City has everything from Finding Dory Party games, party favors and everything you need to make an epic Finding Dory Party!

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Monday 25th of July 2016

Question about the cake you said you used 2 bags of each color. Are you talking about solid bags or did you get the bags and separate the color. If it was solid colors what size bag did you use. Thank you in advance.

Finding Dory Cake - Sprinkle Some Fun

Saturday 2nd of July 2016

[…] Dory is all the rage in our household now that we have seen the new movie.  My daughter’s Finding Dory Party was a big hit with her and her friends!  You can see all the details of her Finding Dory party on […]

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