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DIY Activity Bags for Back to School

Are you and your kids gearing up for back to school yet?  We definitely are in that mode right now.  My oldest is already excited to take her French classes and my younger two grade schoolers are begging us for school supplies.  I know they enjoy the summer, but they really do enjoy getting back to school (which I am very happy about)!  One of the sweetest times with my kids is getting to spend time with them after school.  Sometimes we plan a picnic at the park or in the hotter months we still enjoy a dip in the pool.  Recently we made these DIY Activity Bags for all of our back to school activities.

Having our DIY Activity Bags packed and ready means that we will get to spend more time playing and less time getting ready!  We just grab them and go whenever we want to make some smile worthy moments!

Of course what we need in our activity bags differs from day to day.  So in the evening we pack them for the next day.  Today we needed towels and some after school snacks.

What else do we ALWAYS include in the bags?  Snacks and drinks!  My girls love Goldfish crackers and we always make sure to have a sports bottle filled up as well.  Goldfish crackers are always a great option because they are portable and great tasting.  We also like them because there are no artificial flavors or preservatives.  They are a snack I can feel good about serving.

There are also few girly items in there of course.  Like brushes and hair ties!  Just anything and everything to be prepared.

Making the bags was also an activity in itself.  We made DIY stamps to decorate plain canvas totes in different colors.  We just cut out the shapes we wanted out of thin foam sheets.

Then we made them into stamps by gluing a paper straw as a handle.  It worked out great!  Then just use fabric paint to stamp and decorate.

The girls worked hard on these!  I just love how they turned out too.

Our first activity planned was swimming in our little pool in the backyard!  We had our DIY Activity Bags pack and ready to go.  Be sure to check out Goldfish on Pinterest ( for more great ideas for Back to School!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.