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Bath Salt Ornaments ⋆ Easy Christmas Gift

Baths are usually reserved for my tiny humans, but that’s such a shame.  I love a nice long relaxing bath with all the bath salts and bubbles.  When I actually have the time to take a bath it’s like I am transported to another world.  That is, until our youngest son insists to poke his little hands and feet through the doorway. (He really loves his mommy for sure!)

Give the gift of relaxation to all your friends and family this season by making these cute Bath Salt Ornaments!   

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Bath Salt Ornaments with Snowman, Elf and Santa decorations

The fun part about bath salt ornaments is that you can dress them up like I did or just leave them with the pretty colors inside.  It’s really a beautiful presentation with or without the embellishments.  This year I am making a snowman, elf and a Santa bath salt ornaments!  I am thinking this will be my “dirty Santa” party gift this year.  Then again, I might just keep them too.  

Snowman Bath Salt Ornaments

The recipe for the bath salts is super easy and highly customizable.  I made the bath salts with different Christmas inspired scents inside. I used cinnamon for the Santa bath salt ornament, peppermint for the snowman, and a relaxing blend for the elf ornament.  Essential oils are my favorite to use for these because they are all natural and smell amazing! 

I use essential oils from Eden’s garden for their great quality and all the testing they do on each batch of essential oils.  Plus, there is no middle man with Eden’s garden and so I find them much more affordable.  I’ve used other brands with great success too, but Eden’s Garden is consistently my favorite.  

Easy Bath Salt Ornaments

Tools you will need to make your own Bath Salt Ornaments: 

  1. A medium sized glass or metal bowl to mix everything in.  I suggest glass or metal bowls.  Plastic may take on the “flavors” and scent of the essential oils so I don’t recommend them. 
  2. Unscented plain Epsom Salt.  I usually find this at any grocery store or sometimes at the dollar stores.  Make sure it doesn’t contain anything but magnesium sulfate.  Epsom salt is great for relaxing as it softens the water, moistens the skin and provides magnesium through the skin.  Magnesium is an essential mineral and is said to help calm muscles.  It’s no wonder that bath salts are all the rage for natural relaxation. 
  3. Essential Oils to make the bath salts scented.  This is optional because epsom salt on it’s own is just fine, but I love adding essential oils for added benefits of aromatherapy too.  As I mentioned above I used cinnamon bark, peppermint and a harmony blend from Eden’s Garden in my ornaments.  
    1. Make sure that the essential oils you are using are okay for topical use and use no more than what is suggested by the manufacturer.  All recipes below are using the Eden’s Garden essential oils and should be fine with other brands, but double check with the brand you are using.  
    2. Some oils are more potent than others so make sure to use only a few drops of each oil.  Cinnamon is a “hot” oil and can irritate the skin if there is too much oil used.  
  4. Food Coloring or Natural Vegetable colors for coloring the epsom salt.  This is also an optional ingredient, but a fun one.  You can make any color bath salts you want with food coloring or natural food coloring.  The natural colors may not be the exact color that you want, though, like red for instance.  The closest to red is made from beets and gives a slight pink hue.  I am sure that your recipient won’t mind slight difference in shades if you want your bath salts to be all natural.  I suggest using India Tree Food Coloring for all natural and Wilton gel colors for FD&C food colors. 
  5. Small Clear Plastic Ornaments.  I just used craft ornaments that I found at Hobby Lobby.  These are shatterproof and I highly recommend them instead of glass.  You can find the plastic ornaments (affiliate) on Amazon as well. Elf Bath Salt Ornaments
  6. Other supplies needed to decorate them like I did:
      1. A couple of sheets of Black, Green, White and Red felt.  I like the smooth feeling felt the best, but use whatever you like.  
      2. Black and gold fabric paints for the buttons and belt buckles. 
      3. Fuzzy ribbon or other fuzzy material for the Santa ornament. 
      4. Christmas ribbon to hang the ornament. 
      5. Hot glue gun/glue.  
      6. 10 tiny white pom poms. 
      7. A medium sized funnel for adding bath salts to the ornaments. 
      8. Free printable gift tags: just sign up below to get yours!  This printable also includes a stencil for making the elf collar.  


  1. To make the ornaments into cute Elf, Santa and Snowman ornaments you’ll need to cut two long strips of black felt.  A long thin strip of red felt and use the stencil to make a white collar for the elf ornament.  Additionally, cut a piece of fuzzy fabric (I used an old stocking) for the Santa ornament and a small strip of white felt to finish off the elf ornament. 
  2. Set all three ornaments on top of a small mason jar so they stand upright.  Glue the two black belts around 2 of the ornaments.  I used hot glue for this to make it go quicker, but you could use another craft glue if you are willing to wait for it to dry.  After gluing take the gold fabric paint and paint a gold square for the belt on the front of the ornaments.  I made my Santa belt lightly bigger than the elf belt.  Making Bath Salt Ornaments
  3. On the third ornament make the 3 dots for the buttons for the snowman ornament.  Let all the fabric paint dry before the next step. 
  4. Take the metal tops off the ornaments and add the three different colors of bath salts (SEE RECIPE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST) to their appropriate ornaments.  Since we are gluing felt/fabric to the tops of the ornaments you’ll want to add the bath salts first.  
  5. Add the metal tops back on the ornaments and glue a piece of the fuzzy material to the top of the Santa ornament around the metal part.  Glue the red felt around the metal top of the snowman ornament.  Lastly, add the collar around the metal top of the Elf ornament and add a small strip of white felt around the metal part to cover it.  You can glue the pom poms to the tips of each point on the collar if you want at this point. 
  6. To make sure that the bath salts don’t come out of the top of the ornament; use a little hot glue around any holes at the top.  
  7. The last step is to add a little ribbon and the gift tags for the ornaments. Now enjoy your easy DIY Christmas gift and hand them out to teachers, co-workers, secret sisters and more! 

Snowman Bath Salt Ornaments for christmas

One thing to note is that these are a little heavy for placing on the tree.  If you really want to display them on a tree then I would add a piece of strong double sided sticky tape to the inside of the metal top before putting it on the ornament.  This should secure it enough to place on a tree.  The only drawback to this is that it will be harder to open up the top to pour out the bath salts.  

Bath Salt Ornaments

I am thrilled with how these turned out and I can’t wait to hand them out this year!  I can’t decide which ornament is my favorite.  Which one is yours?  

If you love these Bath Salt Ornaments then please give us a five star review below! 

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Bath Salts for Bath Salt Ornaments

Bath Salts for Bath Salt Ornaments


  • 3 cups Epsom Salt
  • 5-10 drops food coloring in green, I like gel colors the best
  • 5-10 drops food coloring in red, I like gel colors the best
  • 3 drops peppermint essential oil, or another safe essential oil
  • 3 drops cinnamon essential oil, or another safe essential oil
  • 3 drops relaxing blended essential oil, or another safe essential oil


  1. Take 3 small glass or metal bowls and add 1 cup of epsom salt to each bowl.  Do not use plastic bowls when working with essential oils unless you are going to dispose them after use.  
  2. In one bowl add the green food coloring and relaxing blended essential oil. In the second bowl add the red food coloring and cinnamon essential oil. For the the last bowl add the peppermint essential oil and do not add any food coloring. 
  3. I suggest wearing rubber or latex gloves for the next part so your hands don't get coloring or too much of the oils on them.  Mix each bowl with your hands until all the food coloring and essential oils are well mixed.  Use different gloves for each mixture.  As you are mixing rub the epsom salts with your fingers to disperse the food coloring well.  The more you rub the mixture together the better the color will mix in.  If the mixture is wet after you are finished then spread each mixture out on sheets of parchment or wax paper to dry.  If dry then just add it to the ornaments right away using a funnel.  

Nutrition Information

Serving Size

1 grams

Amount Per Serving Unsaturated Fat 0g

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Jessica Hornisch

Saturday 9th of October 2021

Is it safe to put the essential oil bath salts in plastic? I thought this could. Cause toxic interactions if the plastic degrades.

Jahnson Alberto

Wednesday 11th of March 2020

Wow this is the article i was waiting for. now i know what to make for my girl, Thanks from Jahnson.

Hemp Cream

Monday 2nd of March 2020

Great article. Looking forward to making a few of these for Easter Gifts.

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