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7 Super Cute Valentines

These 7 Super Cute Valentines post is a sponsored post for  All opinions are my own!
7 Super Cute Valentines. I'm donuts about you!

It’s about this time of year that the kids start to get antsy about figuring out what Valentines we are going to buy or make.  My kids homeschool, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love passing out Valentine cards!  I have always made Valentine’s Day a big deal to them because I think it’s a great holiday to teach love and appreciation.  It’s always a good idea to let people know how much you care about them!

These 7 Super Cute Valentines are on our must have list of Valentines to make this year!

All of the cards are from and I paired them with some goody bags and the stickers I got from also.

1. I’m Donuts about you” Valentine card.  

This is on of my favorites from and goes perfectly with the pink donuts I found.  I just used some sprinkles and decorated them, but you can make donuts from scratch too.  I think all kids would enjoy this one!

7 Super Cute Valentines! I think you're A-MAZE-ING, Valentine!

2. A-MAZE-ING Valentine! 

Super cute play on words with this one!  I love that you can customize the stickers and cards for these with your child’s name on it!  You can also put a tic tac toe game on the back too.  I found the little toy heart mazes at the store which went perfectly with the cards.  You could make a paper maze if you can’t find the plastic toys too.
7 Super Cute Valentines! You AUTO be mine!

3. Auto Be Mine Valentine

My little boy went gaga over this one.  Girls often love cars too, but I find my boys just go crazy for them!  Perfect for that non-food type Valentine!

7 Super Cute Valentines! You color my world, Valentine!

4. Crayon Valentine (You color my world)

What a super cute idea especially for the classroom!  It’s around this time of year that kids need new crayons anyway and so this one would be fun for even a teacher to student type gift!

7 Super Cute Valentines!  Smart Cookie Valentine!

5. Smart Cookie Valentine

Okay.  What kid doesn’t like a cookie or two?  I don’t know one… so I think these are PERFECTLY cute!!!

7 Super Cute Valentines! S'More friends like you, Valentine!

6. S’Mores Valentine

Isn’t this one just ADORABLE???  The little happy marshmallow holding hands with the graham cracker and chocolate is just too much.  I think this one will be one of the most loved for sure.

7 Super Cute Valentines!  You are berry sweet, Valentine!

7.  Berry Sweet

I just had to include this one for a little healthier treat.  These are freeze dried strawberries to go along with the super sweet saying!

So that wraps up my picks for 7 Super Cute Valentines!

I  just love all the cards we found at and there are bunches more on there to choose from!  Go check them out!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.