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Shamrock Wreath!

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Today I have an easy, affordable and beautiful Shamrock Wreath that you can make using Lima Beans and Split Peas!   Believe it or not those two ingredients make for a really pretty wreath!

What you will need:

1 foam wreath form (affiliate link)

2 bags lima beans (affiliate link)

1 bag split peas (affiliate link)

Hot glue and glue gun with low temperature (affiliate link)

Craft adhesive if not using a hot glue gun (affiliate link)

1 roll of natural twine (affiliate link)

piece of paper- preferably something thick (affiliate link)

Directions: Simply hot glue the lima beans onto the wreath form.  Make sure that you line them up pretty evenly.  I made them into a diagonal, but as long as they look pretty uniform it should be fine.  I did notice that the hot glue was so hot that the foam sizzled.  If you have a lower temp glue gun I would suggest that!

To make the shamrock, take a heavy piece of paper and hot glue the split peas onto it in the shape of a shamrock.  Cut around your shamrock once you are finished gluing them down.   If you find it too hard to hot glue then use another permanent adhesive like E6000® (affiliate link).
Once you are finished with the shamrock… Just glue it onto the wreath where you want it.  Then take your twine and wrap it several times around the wreath.  Or you can do like I did and piece several strand together and then wrap around.  Then you can embellish the shamrock with a little bow- or just leave it as it is.
I think it looks so natural and lovely!  The lima beans and split peas give it so much dimension and character!!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.