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Photography tutorials including lighting, flash, aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

Camera Flash Tips

Ok. I know it’s been a while since I posted anything photography related.  Well… I have some exciting news… I got a new external flash!  It’s a very early Christmas present, but I am so excited about it! Nikon SB-910 Why would I get an external flash?  Isn’t the one on the camera “good enough”? …

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Shutter Speed explained

How is the manual setting working for you?  Have you started to get the hang of it?     This is part three of our trilogy of Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed. Shutter Speed is exactly how it sounds…. it controls the speed in which the shutter opens and closes.  The longer it stays open …

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Simple Camera Tips Series: Aperture explained!

Last week I introduced you to this series with helpful tips about natural light.  Today this tutorial will mainly be geared toward DSLR camera owners, but I do make some tips for point and shoot camera users at the end… so read on if your interested.  Now let’s begin! Some terms we will be talking …

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Recycled Photo Magnets from Juice Lids

 What is better than cheap?  FREE!  I didn’t spend a dime on these super cute photo magnets… everything was recycled- although I will break down a price just in case some of you don’t have all the supplies. Recycled Photo Magnets Supplies: E-6000 glue (or other craft glue that bonds to metal) strong magnets (I …

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DIY Photography

Photography does not come cheap!!!  I remember with my daughters I spent hundreds of dollars on pictures.  Yes they are worth it, but what  if you don’t have the budget for such a thing? I have found that by browsing flickr and other photography websites I could get some really cool ideas on how to …

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